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Hell Raisin

Hell Raisin

HA! Hell Raisin, Get It? Whether you’re a fan of the Hellraiser franchise, or posses a nostalgic fondness for the California Raisins, this shirt will speak to you — and it’s just in time for summer!

Buy yours for just $19.95 at This Link and get free shipping on your order through June 7th!

Bad Idea Tattoo Of The Day: Hello Kitty as Pin Head from Hellraiser

Hello Kitty Pinhead Tattoo
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Yes, what you see is real, and this new level of wrong is a thing that exists. Happy Halloween, Bitches!

Stuff To Do In The Office When You’re Bored: Make a Pinhead Frog!

Tribute to Pinhead from the Hell Raiser movies can be made with a box of T-Pins and any stuffed animal with a lot of surface space on its head.