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New Heroes UK Band Bio By Gail Online Now!

Recently, I was hired by a cool rock band out in LA called Heroes UK to write a bio for their new EP release, Hello Hello. Heroes UK has a fascinating back story and it was a pleasure to work with such cool guys who also make some ass kicking music that doesn’t sound like it came from a can. Read my story on their story at This Link.

Happy Birthday, Mike "The Sack" Fasano!

Gail and Mike F

Gail and Mike, Glam Slam Metal Jam, Summer of 2001, Good Times!

Please allow me to give a deserved  Birthday (November 2nd) Shout Out to  my very dear and much beloved friend, Mike “The Sack” Fasano, drummer extraordinaire and drum tech to the rock superstars of yesterday, today and tomorrow! Happy Birthday, Mikey!!