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More Photos From The John Paul Gaultier Exhibit

Portrait of JP Gaultier
Photo/Portrait of Jean Paul Gaultier (All Photos By Gail)

As promised, here’s another stash of awesome photos from The Brooklyn Museum’s Jean Paul Gaultier Fashion Retrospective. These creations can be found in The Boudoir Gallery.

For background (the how and why, so to speak) information on the exhibit, please visit This Link.

Boudoir Pink Satin Outfit and Teddy Bear

Note the prototype Cone Bra-Wearing Teddy Bear, which set a precedent for many Cone Bras to Come!

Boudoir Pink Satin Outfit Detail

Detail from the photo above. This was one of my favorite outfits in the entire exhibit.

Boudoir Outfit with Umbrella and TV

Costumes Sketches for Madonna

It can be argued that Gaultier virtually created Madonna’s Blonde Ambition tour persona with his elaborate corsets, bustiers and fetish-wear designed for the superstar and her dancers. Certainly there is ample evidence to that end on display here, in The Boudoir.

Costume Sketch for Madonna and Dancers
Let the Homoeroticism Begin!

Madonna Iconic Gold Corset
Madonna in Her Gaultier-Designed Iconic Gold Corset

Boudoir Gallery Champagne Satin Walls

The walls of this gallery are covered floor to ceiling in quilted, champagne colored satin. Very nice!

Boudoir Gallery with Crowd

This is what the gallery looks like with people in it.

Gaultier Colognes

Various scents of JPG Cologne in the now Iconic Bottle!

Outfits for Beth Ditto

Outfits designed for Beth Ditto of The Gossip!

Black Waistcoat and White Lace Gown

That White Lace dress is nice!

If these pics, and the ones posted previously, aren’t enough to inspire you to get your ass to the Brooklyn Museum for this exhibit, I have another set or two which will run probably next week. For logistical information (the when, where and how much) on the Jean Paul Gaultier exhibit, please visit This Link.

Selected Works By Robert Mapplethorpe at the Robert Miller Gallery in Chelsea

Untitled [Altarpiece], 1970 By Robert Mapplethorpe (Photo By Geoffrey Dicker<)

Art lover that I am, I’ll be the first one to admit that I didn’t really gain full appreciation for the highly homoerotic photography of the late Robert Mapplethorpe until after he passed away from AIDS related complications in 1989. Mapplethorpe, as a visual artist, was so far ahead of his time that it required some acclimation to his style for me to fully grasp what a groundbreaker he was, and the degree of creative talent he possessed. Through Saturday October 30th, the Robert Miller Gallery in Chelsea has a wonderful exhibit of selected works by Mapplethorpe that can serve as a broad introduction to his work, as well as being a reminder to fans of his legacy, which I believe has yet to achieve critical mass.

While Mapplethorpe was an artist who identified very much as a sexually adventurous gay man, he was by no means a one note. There are quite a few of his more “mainstream” photos and self-portraits (the one where tiny horns poke through his tousled brown hair is one of my favorites) and also the beautiful altar sculpture you see above, which really has to be viewed up close to appreciate the fine detail. But the exhibit also features examples of his grittier photographs, including sexual acts such as fisting, which are definitely for adults only. If you get squeamish at the thought of viewing a photo of Mapplethorpe posing with a bullwhip handle shoved up his ass, this probably isn’t the exhibit for you. But in light of the world we live in today, I find those photos humorous, even playful. You know he had to get a kick out of being such an instigator. Robert Mapplethorpe is another great artist who left us way too soon, but his art will live forever.

Selected works By Robert Mapplethorpe is on exhibit Tuesday to Saturday, 10 AM to 6 PM, through October 30, 2010 at the Robert Miller Gallery, 524 West 26th Street, New York, NY.