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How to Pronounce Ralph Fiennes

Just so you know.

Ivar Gravlejs’ Useful Advices For Photographers

Useful Advices

Probably even the most gifted professional photographer looks for ways to improve his or her technique. But if you are new to the art of photography, you might benefit greatly from the Useful Advices For Photographers offered by Latvian photographer Ivar Gravlejs, which not only make great sense, but are also hilarious.

cloud photo

How To Make a Rainbow Cake!


My Birthday is coming up two weeks from this Sunday and one of the things I always like to receive for my Birthday is a cake. Because Birthday cakes are awesome. As good fortune would have it, the Omnomicon food blog has posted the raddest possible recipe for a Rainbow Cake that I simply must receive! So please, friends of Gail, somebody please make my dearest Birthday wish come true, and bake this cake for me!

Thanks to Neatorama for the tip!

Video of the Day: How to Apply Skull Makeup for Your Halloween Costume!

This Video links to an entire series of short instructional videos on how to apply skull make-up using various techniques – from a brush to a sponge. After you’re done with one, select another from the menu to complete your look. I hope this helps you get all scary looking! Happy Spooky Halloween!

skull make up tutorial

How To Make a Disco Bike!

Disco Bike Image Source

With the fuel situation the way it is these days (high prices, shortages, etc) and the ubiquitous emphasis on living as Green as possible, biking to work has become a popular option for suburbanites and those living in urban areas lacking the great public transportation system we enjoy here in NYC.

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