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Happy Birthday, Neil Peart!

Neil Peart and Kit

Drummer and lyricist for Rush, Neil Peart was born on this day, September 12th, in 1952. Neil is without a doubt one of the most influential drummers in history, and I’d say that eight out of ten drummers I interview site either him or John Bonham as their primary influence.  Many people aren’t aware that Neil is not only amazing drummer but also an inspiring author who has suffered a ridiculous amount of personal tragedy in his life. In 1997, his teenage daughter died in a car crash and his wife passed away less than year after that.  Soon after losing his family, Peart took a hiatus from Rush and traveled extensively throughout North America on his BMW motorcycle, covering 55,000 miles. After his journey ended, Peart rejoined Rush and wrote the memoir Ghost Rider: Travels on the Healing Road, which I’d recommend reading if you’re looking to gain some perspective on what’s important in life. Neil is now remarried, and he and his wife have a baby daughter. Congratulations and Happy Birthday, Neil! Favorite Rush Song: “Limelight.”

Rock Star Quote of The Week: Spencer Smith of Panic at The Disco


“Now that we’ve stepped away from the smaller sub-genre that we were in, it shows me how narrow of a field of music it is that you consider yourself a fan of. There were really only a couple of bands or musicians that were actually thought of as [being] great musicians within this entire sub-genre of music. That’s something we became aware of as we got into bands like The Who or The Rolling Stones. There are key figures in these bands that people were fans of because they were just amazing musicians. Nowadays, a lot of times fans know the members of bands because they’re dating another celebrity, and nobody really knows how good they are at their instrument. That’s strange, so whenever I get asked about whom my influences were growing up I honestly get stumped. I was a fan of certain bands; therefore I just liked their drummers. Thinking about it now, a lot of these players weren’t any better than I am now (laughs).”