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Review: MiiRo Low-Sugar Baking Products and Treats

miiro sampler box
The MiiRo Sampler Box (Images Courtesy of MiiRo Unless Noted)

The most significant changes in life are often unplanned. During the pandemic lockdown, I was able to lose 10 to 12 pounds and have miraculously kept it off for the past two years. Weight loss for a not-super-active woman of my age (who, let’s be honest, loves food) is a big deal.  Encouraged by this wildly unexpected accomplishment, I made some changes to my lifestyle that I wouldn’t have considered in the comfy ‘before times,’ like walking distances that are under, say, two miles, and eating salads for lunch instead cheeseburgers and fries. I’m also making smarter choices when it comes to sweet snacks, like reaching for a low sugar treat when I need a bit of an indulgence. This is probably how I ended up on radar of MiiRo, a woman-owned company making vegan-friendly, low-sugar chocolates and baking products that don’t sacrifice flavor. All good. Continue reading Review: MiiRo Low-Sugar Baking Products and Treats

Bacon Thing of The Day: Make Your Own Bacon Infused Bourbon

New York Magazine’s website has posted a delicious-sounding cocktail recipe for an Old Fashioned made with maple syrup and bacon-infused bourbon. Coincidentally, I was just watching a show on the Food Network the other day where the host made bacon-infused vodka and it looked super easy. I bet this bacony bourbon would be easy to make as well. You can find out for yourself since there are step by step directions on how to make batch at this link on NYMag.com. Try it out and then invite me over for cocktails!

Thanks to Karl “The Monster Lumberjack” Brandt for The Tip!