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Cool Thing of The Day: Neal Smith Mirrored Drum Kit Miniature Set

With the Alice Cooper band in the news so much these days, I simply could not resist posting this item. Ebay seller “Distorzy” is selling a miniature replica of Alice Cooper band drummer Neal Smith’s 21-piece Mirrored Premiere kit from the band’s record-setting 1973 Billion Dollar Babies tour.

Having seen the real kit in person, I can say that the attention to detail on these tiny drums is pretty cool. Further details, specs and photos of what would surely make a great gift for any drummer or fan of the ACG/Neal Smith are available from the official eBay auction page on view at This Link.

Neal On the Real Kit

Happy Birthday, Neal Smith!

Neal Mirrored Kit
Neal’s Billion Dollar Babies-era Mirrored Kit  

Neal Smith, drummer for the band Alice Cooper celebrates his Birthday today, having been born on September 23rd in 1947. Happy Birthday Neal, I love you to death!