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Pink Thing of The Day: Neon Pink Retro Wall Clock

Neon Pink Retro Wall Clock
Photo By Gail

This Nostalgia-inducing clock hangs on the wall behind the bar at The Odeon Bistro on West Broadway, SOHO NYC. They have great steak frites there!


Pink Thing of The Day: Neon Pink Jumping Brain!

Neon Pink Brain

OK, I think you will agree that this is a truly unique pink thing. Artist Emilio Garcia is back at it with another small run of his Jumping Brain resin figure. The Neon Pink Jumping Brain is exclusive to Urban Angel Gallery. There are only 20 pieces available at £150.00 each (about $246). These are signed, numbered and include a nice plush (toupee-like) base. Because, you know, it’s ART!

Thanks to Plastic and Plush for the Tip!