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Video Clip of The Week: Islands, “No Milk, No Sugar”

If a band records two different-sounding albums simultaneously, for impending back-to-back release, does that make them an exceptionally ambitious band? I think so. And that is the case with the band Islands, who have two brand new records due out any day now:  Taste and Should I Remain Here At Sea?, which  both have really catchy titles!

Visually, “No Milk, No Sugar” is a non-stop party. The video was directed by Nick Thorburn, who, based on the number of times he is name-checked in the accompanying press release, is a guy you should already know, if you think you are hip or cool, or whatever it is the kids are saying these days. According to Thorburn, the song “deals with a kind of ordinary, domiciliary malaise — the idea that you’d get so fucked up you wouldn’t know you hadn’t left the house (“we got so thrown/we felt lost at home”)  — so it seemed appropriate to set the video in a kitchen”  (and in my personal experience, some of my best times at parties occurred in the kitchen, so there you go). There are also supposedly a bunch of” Famous People” in the video, so, see if you can spot them! Aurally, I especially love the synth riff’s homage to Rod Stewart’s massive, late ’70s hit, “Do Ya Think I’m Sexy?” and the insistent, percolating beat that practically commands you to hit the dance floor like the demon of rhythmic movement that you are!

Taste (from which this song is culled) and Should I Remain Here At Sea? will both be released on vinyl, digitally and limited edition cassette, via Manqué Music on May 13th, 2016. Pre-order now at The Band’s Pledge Music Page and receive some Free Goodies! Enjoy!

Islands Video Still