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Love Beyond Borders Mural By Nicopanda

Love Beyond Borders Close Up
All Photos By Gail

Street wear brand Nicopanda is behind the design for this expansive mural that stretches across the western façade of a tenement building at the corner of Allen Street and Stanton Street. on New York City’s Lower East Side. Known for its edgy and playful approach to ready-to-wear and accessories,  Nicopanda is the personal brand of style icon Nicola Formichetti. The Love Beyond Boarders mural is part of The New Allen project, is co-sponsored by MAC Cosmetics, and features a design based on Formichetti’s original Amoeba Panda print. While l I could not uncover an exact date of its creation, the mural appears to have been put up in early December, 2016.

Love Beyond Borders

“Our world feels divisive, right now, so the message of universal inclusivity is very important, and especially because many of our political leaders are suggesting otherwise,” Formichetti says in a statement on the brand’s website. “I believe in Love Beyond Borders, and that’s very much so at the core of Nicopanda.”

Love Beyond Borders
Love Beyond Borders Shown Here Alongside a Lion Mural By South African Street Artist Sonny.

To announce the mural, Nicopanda created a short film, starring a cast of Yew York kids, most notably the rising green-haired rapper Ahsh EFF. Watch the video, at This Link!

My People Mural By Grooseling

Photo By Gail

Just in time for Spring, the First Street Green Art Park has turned over a new batch of cool and colorful murals, such as this one by Brooklyn-based multi-media artist Grace Lang, AKA Grooseling. This piece went up in early March, 2019. Find out more about Lang and see work from her extensive portfolio, at This Link!

Double Mickey Mural By Jerkface

Double Mickey Mural By Jerkface
All Photos By Gail

Jerkface is one of my favorite street artists for his use of popular, easily recognized cartoon characters in his sightly skewed cultural visions. This double-vision mural of Mickey Mouse went upon May of 2018 and it still looks pretty good!

Double Mickey Mural By Jerkface

While people will tell you that this piece is at Houston and Mott, you can see from the above photo that it is set quite far in on Mott Street, between Houston and Bleecker.

Double Mickey Mural By Jerkface

Jeff Koons is Weird!

Jeff Koons is Weird

Homage, of sorts, to Super Star artist Jeff Koons by Duke A. Barnstable Spotted on West 25th Street.

Only In New York

Image Source

Duchamp ‘ready mades’ knock-off by artist Ji Lee spotted somewhere in Chinatown.