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Pink Thing of The Day: Pink Bike in Copenhagen

Pink Bike
Photo By Gail

Something we learned very quickly while visiting the Danish city of Copenhagen in early June is that people like to Ride Bikes there. Thirty-Six percent of the population commutes to work a bike, and they are just fucking everywhere, so you had better watch out! It is insane, and yet, not insane, because it saves gas and is better for you and the environment. I took this photo of nice Pink Bike while my sister and I took shelter from a thunder storm on our way to see some sites. Copenhagen is an awesome city and I would go back for another visit in a heartbeat.

Pink Thing of The Day: It’s Knot a Bike By Sergio Garcia

Knot a Bike
All Photos By Gail

Sergio Garcia’s tiny sculpture under a bell jar, cleverly entitled It’s Knot a Bike, was photographed at the Joseph Gross Gallery in the Chelsea Gallery District, where it was part of their Winter Group Show.

Knot a Bike Detail

Here it is in closer detail. See more of his cool work at the link above!

Really Bitchen Winter Group Show at Joseph Gross Gallery

Francesco Locastro Truth In Artifice (Verte En Artifice)
Francesco Lo Castro, Truth In Artifice (All Photos By Gail)

One of our favorite Chelsea Gallery discoveries of 2015 is the Joseph Gross Gallery, where we got turned on to cool and creative artists like Sebastian Wahl and the ridiculously hot Joseph Grazi, among others.

Erik Otto Take Refuge In The Shining Light
Erik Otto, Take Refuge In The Shining Light

Not to mention, but you can see I am about to, the ladies that work there are super nice and friendly — which we certainly know that is not the case with many galleries — and that makes visiting Joseph Gross a pleasure. Right now, they have a very eclectic Winter Group Show going on where you can see the artworks featured in this post, plus many more!

Take Refuge In The Shining Light Detail
Take Refuge In The Shining Light (Detail)

Even Venega Day Map 1112
Center – Even Venega, Day Map 1112

Erik Otto Distant Memory 01
Erik Otto, Distant Memory 01 (Also seen on the far left in the photo above)

Look how beautiful this one is.

Francesco LoCastro Traversal
Francesco Lo Castro, Traversal

Francesco Lo Castro has a few stand-out pieces in the show. He works with acrylic, spray paint and layered epoxy resin on wood. These pieces have so many visual aspects to them and are quite captivating.

Francesco LoCastro Ubicomp Everyware
Francesco Lo Castro, Ubicomp Everyware

Sean Newport UF Oh Yes
Sean Newport, UF Oh Yes

Sean Newport is a San Francisco based artist whose work varies from design to sculpture. He has two pieces in the group show that resemble origami, but are actually acrylic on hand-cut poplar wood.

Miniportal 111
Miniportal 111

I love the way his use of color recalls the effect of recessed lighting.

Sergio Garcia, It's Knot A Bike
Sergio Garcia, It’s Knot A Bike

I love this tiny Pink Tricycle and the play on words in its title. Clever!

Victor Solomon Now You Talk 'bout Some Prime Time
Victor Solomon, Now You Talk ’bout Some Prime Time

Anybody wanna shoot some hoops?

Now You Talk 'bout Some Prime Time Detail
Detail from Above Work

Rune Christensen Modern Icon
Rune Christensen, Modern Icon

This painting by Danish graffiti artist Rune Christensen reminds me very much of Paul Insect, whose art I adore.

Joseph Gross Gallery’s Winter Group Show will be up through January 23rd, 2016 at 548 W 28th Street, in the Chelsea Gallery District.