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Pink Thing of The Day: Giant Pink Origami Dinosaur

Pink Dinosaur Display
Photos By Gail

OK, you can probably tell that this not a “proper” Pink Origami Dinosaur but, rather, what is meant to appear as a Dinosaur Wrapped in Pink Paper, as if it were  gift waiting under the Christmas Tree! Other pink-wrapped gifts include a Guitar, a Swan Pool Floatie, a Globe, a Bicycle and a Cactus, among other items easily identified by their distinctive shapes.

Pink Dinosaur Display

It’s all part of a fun Holiday display that I spotted at H&M Clothing Store on 5th Avenue and 48th Street in Manhattan!

Pink Thing of The Day: Pink Dinosaur Toy With Silver Foot and Small Rubber Duck

Pink Dinosaur and Toy Duck
Photo By Gail

Pink Dinosaur Toy: Check
Silver Mannequin Foot: Check
White Rubber Duck: Check
Pair of Sneakers Far in the Background: Check