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Pink Thing of The Day: Size 16 Pink Patent Leather Heels

Pink Patent Leather Heels
Photo By Gail

There’s a Buffalo Exchange store on West 26th Street just a few doors down from the yoga studio that I visit most Saturday afternoons. When I’m a bit early for class, I like to pop in and check out the recent acquisitions. This past Saturday, my eyes popped out of my head when  I spotted these Hot Pink Patent Leather Spike Heels. Not only are they absolutely gorgeous, and in perfect condition — the soles look like they’ve never even touched the sidewalk — but they are a size 16! Wow! I can’t imagine who would give them up, but I am sure they will make some lucky drag queen very, very happy!


Pink Thing of The Day: Assorted Pink High Heeled Shoes

I never learned how to stand or walk in heels this high, and that is just a shame, because if I thought I could wear any of these gorgeous pink shoes and not break an ankle immediately, I would buy the whole lot!