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Pink Thing of The Day: Pink Fuzzy Complimenting Scale

Pink Fuzzy Scale
The Next Best Thing to Weightlessness!

This attractive bathroom scale won’t tell you your weight (thank god), but it will start your day off right with an empowering compliment! Conceived, designed, handmade, dated & signed by Marilyn Wann of Fat!So? fame. From Voluptuart (sadly, this item appears to be discontinued).

Pink Fuzzy Scale Close Up

Pink Thing of The Day: Pink Ouija Board!

Pink Ouija Board
Prounounced, “Wee Juh”

Don’t let the fact that this Ouija Board is all cute and pink – and sold by reputable toy manufacturer, HASBRO – fool you into thinking that these things are harmless toys. Effing around with a Ouija Board can unleash the Hounds of Hell all over your naive ass if you’re not careful. Don’t ask me how I know.

Pink Thing of the Day: Knitted Motorcycle Cozy

“Everything Nice” (2006)

Acrylic Yarn Cozy over Motorcycle by Theresa Honeywell measures 6′ x 5′ x 3.5′.

Pink Apartment Prank

Image Source

While some guy was on vacation in New York, a few of his joker friends covered everything in his apartment with hot pink wrapping paper. I like it! Read the story here.

Pink Kitchen!

Pink Food in Fridge!