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Frank Ape Goes Punk for Lucky Bar Security Gate Mural

Frank Ape Punk
Photo By Gail

An added upside to taking a walk around the neighborhood on a holiday is that a lot of businesses are closed, so you get a chance to check out all of sweet street art on security gates that are rolled up much of  the time. While I could not find a tag on this piece, which adorns the security gate for the Lucky Bar on Avenue B, it sure does look like a mohawk-sporting Punk Rocker version of Frank Ape, by the artist Brandon Sines.

Lucky Bar is located at 168 Avenue B, East Village, NYC.

Help a Punk Rocker Out

Descendents’ Guitarist Karl Alvarez, in Happier Times

Karl Alvarez, guitarist for LA Punk Rock legends The Descendents had a minor heart attack in August of 2007. Visit Karl’s Myspace page, http://www.myspace.com/karlalvarezbenefit, for more info on how to make a donation to help offset his medical costs.