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Pink Thing of The Day: Pink Store

Mansur Gavriel Soho
Photo By Gail

Mansur Gavriel, which takes its name from founding designers Rachel Mansur and Floriana Gavriel, sells pricey leather handbags and shoes of all styles. I happened to walk by their SoHo store location back in late October, and was drawn in not by the desire to spend all of my money, but by the fact that the store interior is, as you can see, a lovely and compelling shade of Millennial Pink.  *Sigh*

Mansur Gavriel is Located at 134 Wooster Street in SoHo, NYC.

K8 Hardy, Credit Default Swap

Credit Default Swap
Credit Default Swap (2012), Duratrans Film on Lightbox, Edition of 2 (Photo By Gail)

K8 Hardy’s work typically subverts common conceptions of fashion and consumerism, combining product close-ups, meticulous styling and staging. Her photographs and sculptures employee layering to confuse and undermine assumptions about class, economics, race and gender. She “teases out” the emotional meanings in everything – from clothes to figures in a landscape. “This blanket expression that you shouldn’t judge a person by their clothes is ridiculous to me,” she said. “Every article of clothing is so loaded with signifiers, I don’t know how you can help but make up stories about people and their desires based on what they wear.”

Furla Handbags Previews Tones of Neo-Pop Collection for Spring/Summer 2015

Interactive Artwork
All Photos By Gail

Eye-popping colors. Experimentation. Painted effects. The new Furla collection for Spring/Summer 2015 plays with fashion, art and graphics, melding the worlds with a dynamic appeal, understated elegance and upbeat energy! And what better way to introduce this new line handbags than with a fun party at the Furla NY showroom?

Furla Champagne
“Ah, Proseco.”

Not only did we get to preview dozens of stylish handbags, but there were also all of the ingredients of a festive event, including free-flowing Preseco.

Furla Party Snacks

Also, delicious Party Snacks!

Furla DJ

And even a DJ (sporting a Furla Bag over her shoulder, of course)!

Random Furla Bags

Candy Furla Vanilla Cartoon Mini Satchel

Inspired by the Neo-Pop artistic movement, a post-modern interpretation of Pop Art, the new styles vibrate with lively colors, primarily festive shades of sunshine, hibiscus orange and ocean blue, counterpointed by gentler shades of white, gray and dove.

Kelis Furla Tote


Splashes of colors that with chromatic gusto are often combined together to form daring color-block effects, adding a distinctive personality to the new Furla Twist Bag, a versatile and labor-intensive buckets-shaped shopper, complete with a metal bar and a woven inner compartment.



For trendsetters on the go seeking a relaxed modern elegance from sunup to nightfall, Furla presents the season’s novelty shape: the soft-edged, user-friendly Furla Spy Backpack in soft nappa and suede that is adorned with either mini or macro flat studs in burnished metal that set off a graphic polka dot effect.

Vertigo Furla Painting Tote

Opera Furla Clutch

In the iconic Furla Metropolis Bag, a small chain-strapped bag characterized by hand-stitched padded details that trace geometric motifs down the front, the clasp features a multi-color rubber coating, again in pretty color combinations.

Alice Furla Top Handle, Alice Furla Crossbody

The same padded details also enhance the clean and sleek personality of the new Furla Alice Tote, an expression of contemporary casual class that reveals a painstaking artisanal expertise and distinctive details that transcend time.

CandyBags Ceiling Display

Pushing ahead with its ability to innovate and reinvent a longstanding heritage, anchored on impeccable Made in Italy craftsmanship, prized materials and an ever-evolving creativity, the latest version of the iconic Furla Candy Bag in soft PVC is a high-impact explosion of colors and opposing textures that add a touch of playful glamour to any day.

Blue Candybag

Yellow Candybag


Also of note is the version featuring resin brush-stroke effects that vary from subtle trickles to bold splotches, rigorously hand-applied to make each bag unique.


Candy Furla Bubbles Mini Satchel
Candy Furla Bubbles and Mini Satchel
Interactive Artwork By Maho Tonouchi

Further strengthening the brand’s bond with the art world is the collaboration with prominent Tokyo-based illustrator, Maho Tonouchi, who inspired the interactive artistic installation, starring the new Furla bags, presented during Milan Fashion Week.

For more information on Furla handbags visit US Dot Furla Dot Com!

Furla Social Media Tags

Coke Can Purse

Coke Can Purse with Chain
It’s The Real Thing

At last! I’ve found a purse that will match These Shoes!

Coke Can Purse Features:

  • Adorable small purse looks like a Coca-Cola Can
  • Detachable chain strap and metal clasp enclosure
  • Made out of Polyurethane material
  • Size: 4-1/2″ x 2-1/2″ x 2-1/2″

Priced at only $23.99, get one before they’reall gone, at This Link!

Coke Can Purse Clasp Close Up
Clasp Detail

Coke Can Purse On Mannequin

Fashion Bug 2012 Seasonal Preview: Vibrant Colors and Easy Styles!

Fashion Bug Means “More Trend and Less Spend” (All Photos By Anne Raso. Click on Any Image to Enlarge)

NYC may be gearing up for months of colder weather, but Fashion Bug is already thinking ahead with an exciting preview of their late winter/early spring 2012 line that will have you planning your next cruise or beach vacation before you’ve even donned your winter coat for the first time! On Tuesday, October 25th, we had a chance to preview Fashion Bug’s upcoming line, including a wide array colorful and versatile dresses, skirts, sweaters, pants, tops and accessories – all due for release between February and April of 2012.   Here are just few of the new styles we saw and are already dying to own and wear!

Build Your Signature Looks from One of a Kind Prints and Patterns!

There are so many great reasons to love Fashion Bug. Not only are the clothes beautiful looking, comfortable, quality clothes that are made to fit and flatter any woman’s body, but the very reasonable prices (hardly anything is over $40) make expanding your wardrobe so affordable. It’s worth noting that all Fashion Bug textiles are exclusive to the retailer so you won’t find clothes like these anywhere else.

What an Awesome Bag!

We also love that the Bug sells every type of accessory – amazing costume jewelry, shoes and purses – to custom style any look. Also featured in Monday’s preview were several new looks pulled from Fashion Bug’s recently launched Juniors line, Loop 18 (available in sizes 9 to 27). Offering a youthful, vibrant take on everyday casuals, the Loop 18 collection is fashion-forward focused and features more body conscious fits to accommodate the current styles and trends favored by today’s young woman.

Maxi Dresses are In!

Look For These Styles Close to Easter 2012

All fashions seen in this post and many more will be available starting in February 2012 both online at Fashion Bug Dot Com and in Fashion Bug’s retail stores.