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T Day Dinner
Bring It On

Last night, in celebration of me being grateful for the end of a hellish three-day work week, Geoffrey and I paid a visit to our current favorite Mexican restaurant, Tequila Chitos on West 23rd Street (recommendation: go there!) to drink a pitcher of sangria and engorge ourselves with a pre-Thanksgiving feast of enchiladas and chips. Mexican Food! Continue reading HPY THX GVG

For The Person Who Has Everything: Giftybox! (A Holiday Gift Rant)

Christmas totally rocks; Christmas shopping, not so much. But I am way into the belief that it is far better to give than to receive. Every year for the past ten years or so, as Christmas season rolls around and my family begs me to give them ideas of what I would like to receive as a gift, I tell them this: please don’t get me anything that I can’t use up. There are a few good reasons that I offer this suggestion. First of all, I have everything I want because if I want something, I buy it.

Continue reading For The Person Who Has Everything: Giftybox! (A Holiday Gift Rant)

McDonald’s Quarter Pounder Sandwich Arrives in Japan, Gets Own Restaurant

According to Blogger Neil Duckett, the Quarter Pounder sandwich has not yet been introduced to the menu at McDonald’s restaurants in Japan. However, McDonald’s recently opened restaurants simply called Quarter Pounder – without the McDonald’s name or familiar Golden Arches logo – in two Japanese cities. Quarter Pounder restaurants look more like pricey martini bars than fast food joints, and they sell only two menu items: the Quarter Pounder with Cheese and the Double Quarter Pounder with Cheese. Cruise on over to the official Quarter Pounder Website and enjoy all of its minimalist splendor!