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Yes, it Exists: Food Truck Magazine

Food Truck Magazine Cover
Photos By Gail

This morning, I was walking to my office when a guy dressed in full on Chef Whites handed me what I thought was a takeout menu, but which turned out to be a copy of Food Truck Magazine. Apparently, Food Truck Magazine is now a thing. This makes sense since Food Truck competition shows are all over the TV and there are even Food Trucks parked in front of the Metropolitan Museum of Art (see page 10 for a story on this hot button issue).

The premier issue of Food Truck Magazine has Shaquille O’Neal on the cover promoting Soup Mobile, his new joint venture with the Soup Nazi of Seinfeld fame. Their catch phrase : “Soup For Me!” Also inside its informative pages you will find a very timely editorial on how Food Trucks should have Letter Grades, just like brick and mortar restaurants (I agree), announcements for new Food Trucks around the city, and a review of the recent John Favreau film, Chef – which, appropriately, is about a chef who owns a Food Truck!

Food Truck Magazine is clearly an idea whose time has come. I look forward to reading future issues! Visit them online at Food Truck Magazine Dot US. Mangia!

Food Truck Magazine Back Cover

New Reviews Up Now in Starpolish.com’s Critic’s Corner!

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This month’s victims in the Starpolish Critic’s Corner include The Nick Lee Band, NYC Singer songwriter Bobby Fingeroth and amazing soul/dance artist, Tanisha Monet.

New Song Reviews Up Now in The Critic’s Corner at Starpolish.com!

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This month’s victims in the Critic’s Corner include Gerardo Wanna-Be Eduardo Renta, NYC Soul Diva Ladybug and Modern Rockers Radial Angel.


Gail On The Web! More Starpolish Reviews!

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Three new brutally frank and honest song reviews are up now in the Starpolish Critics Corner! This week’s victims include Blink 182 wannabe’s Sowatt, Steely Dan-influenced NYC singer/songwriter Noam Weinstein and “debauched doo-wop group” The Faint of Heart.