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Killer Klown Sand Sculpture

The World Championship of Sand Sculpting took place this year in Federal Way, Washington, beginning September 8th, with artists’ work remaining on display until October 10, 2010. The annual event, which draws competitors from around the world, took place in Canada for more than 20 years; this year marked the first time the United States served as the host country. Artists compete for the top title in three categories: solo, double and teams. Quebec-based sculptor Marc Lepire contributed a piece called “Krazy,” that he says “was inspired by a character in a movie he watched with his son” (I’m betting it was Killer Klowns from Outer Space). The day before the photo above was taken, the clown had hair on both sides of his head.

Unfortunately, a bird landed on one side and collapsed that part of the sculpture. Lepire compensated by carving the skull open and exposing the clown’s brains. Clever!

Check out This Link for pictures of all the other entries, all of which are quite impressive. I know that nobody likes to click on hyperlinks, but trust me, it’s worth it.

Thanks to The Wondrous Dot Com Via Great White Snark For the Tip!