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Pink Thing of The Day: Pink Jellyfish

Pink Jellly Fish
Image Source

Ah, Pink creatures from the sea! This could be a Photoshop Job, for all I know. Nevertheless, it pleases me.

Pink Thing of The Day: Pink Starfish!

Pink Starfish
Image Source

I hope that this Pink Starfish is not Photoshopped, because it is very beautiful.

Cuteness Alert: Piglet Squid

Piglet Squid
Image Source

I’m not sure if it squeals, but I am squealing right now. Meet the Piglet Squid and find out more about its life deep in the sea at This Link.

Update July 2019

This Video of a Piglet Squid Just Made The News! Remember That You Saw It Here First!

team piglet squid gif

Cuteness Alert: Dumbo Octopus

Dumbo Octopus
Image Source

It has been a long while since I had a squee-worthy thing to share with you under the guise of the Cuteness Alert. But I think you will agree that this Dumbo Octopus, so named for its “floppy ears” (which you can’t fully appreciate in this photo) is simply cuteness distilled. Squee.

Pink Thing of the Day: Pink Dolphin!

Pink Dolphin!

Hey check out this cool albino Pink Dolphin that was recently spotted swimming in a Louisiana lake!