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Shark Attack Bean Bag Chair

Shark Bean Bag Chair

Well, actually this is just the cover for what becomes a pretty swell-looking Shark Attack Bean Bag Chair once filled with 200 litres of beans, which are not included in the sale price of $19.95 plus shipping.

Thanks to Neatorama For The Tip!

Child's Drum Chair

A Different Kind of “Drum Throne”

This unique and collectible 1940s-era Child’s chair that looks like a drum is up for auction at First Dibs, where you can also see more pictures and get a description of the chair. Looks like a pretty cool addition to either an antique furniture collection or for someone who’s very into drumming!

Thanks to Boing Boing for the tip.

Pink Thing of The Day: A Rad Modern Chair

So Casual

Presented for all the ladies in the house: The Living Chair!   Clearly inspired by the human form of a female and holding itself with only three skinny yet sexy legs, it’s surprisingly sturdy and functional. Even more than that, it’s a sleek and glamorous piece of art just by sitting there. Yes, the Chair is literally sitting there! Design by Vladimir Tzesler and Sergei Voichenko.