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Modern Art Monday Presents: Jasper Johns, Racing Thoughts

Racing Thoughts
Photo By Gail

Laying in the bathtub one day, Jasper Johns contemplated what he described as a series of images that ran “through my head without any connectedness that I could see.” Racing Thoughts (1983) contains elements of this scene, such as the hanging khaki pants and running faucet. It also features the subjects of John’s musings, including a puzzle-portrait of his longtime dealer, Leo Castelli, a pot by ceramicist George Ohr, a lithograph by Barnett Newman, and reproduction of the Mona Lisa — all influences on John’s artistic development.

By arranging these images in this way, seemingly affixed to the faux-wood-grain background with trompe l’oeil tape, thumbtacks and a protruding nail, he links them to his career-long preoccupation with illusionism and ambiguity. Disparate though the composition’s elements may be, they are united by a complex web of art historical and personal associations that conjure an image of the artist himself.

Photographed in the Whitney Museum in NYC.

Hair Metal Salon, Williamsburg

Hair Metal Salon
Photo By Gail

Hair Metal is the best name for a Hair Salon that I’ve seen since Curl Up and Dye,a hair salon in Peachtree city GA and they appear to have pretty great reviews on Yelp as well! We especially love the open scissors used in the Skull and Cross Bones logo. Metal!

Hair Metal is officially located at 578 Driggs Ave. but its really on North 6th Street between Bedford and Driggs, in Williamsburg Brooklyn, NY 11211.

Fatal Attraction: Photographs By Piotr Uklański at the Met

All Photos By Gail

During our most recent Art Safari to the vast and spectacular Met, we were thrilled by Fatal Attraction, an exhibit of photography from the New York–based artist Piotr Uklański (born Poland, 1968). This exhibition, the first to survey Uklański’s photography, locates his work with the camera at the center of his artistic practice. Reveling in moribund or marginal artistic languages from a position at once ironic and sincere, the artist simultaneously subverts and pays homage to defunct modes of expression.


Uklański’s underappreciated yet historically significant series The Joy of Photography (1997–2007) explores clichés of popular photography using the kitschy subjects and hackneyed effects of Eastman Kodak’s how-to manual for the serious amateur.

Swans, Intentionally Blurry

Whereas artists of the 1980s, such as Richard Prince, appropriated such images by rephotographing them to reveal their constructed nature, Uklański remade them, in a manner akin to slightly irreverent cover versions of songs that bring out hidden or repressed aspects of his source material.

Psychedelic Skull and Crossbones

In this way, the artist both acknowledges appropriation’s endgame — that there are no new pictures under the sun — while creating a space for the creation of new works.


As an example, here is a blurb from the exhibit that accompanies this photograph of a Waterfall.

“As a photographic subject, the waterfall is so ubiquitous that it is invisible – a natural form that has been subsumed into an image via millions of snapshot mementos, postcards, and artistic renderings. Instead of looking for the impossible – a “new” picture of a waterfall – Uklanski presents the viewer with a dutifully exact representation of the camera’s capabilities as prescribed by Eastman Kodak – until the 1980s, as powerful a shaper of how Americans saw the world as Disney or any presidency. In conflating the roles of the amateur, professional and fine artist, Uklanski was also commenting, ironically – from a European perspective – on how Americans can turn even leisure activities into forms of work and self-improvement.”


Tulips, Intentionally Blurry

Fatal Attraction: Photographs by Piotr Uklański, will be on Exhibit Through August 16th, 2015 in Gallery 851, 2nd Floor of the Metropolitan Museum of Art, Located at 1000 Fifth Ave at 81st Street, New York, NY.

Fatal Attraction Signage

Cool Thing of The Day: Light Up Skull Wine Bottle Stopper

Pink Light Up Skull Bottle Stopper

Oh, my. This visually compelling wine bottle stopper combines three of my favorite things: drinking, skulls and the color pink! I am buying one right now, and you should, too. Because Halloween is closer than you think!

Light Up Skull Bottle Stopper Details:

  • Metal bottle stopper with an engraved skull top
  • Skull lights up with LED light (battery included)
  • Multi-color LED light cycles through various colors
  • Fits most wine bottles – rubber ring provides a tight seal
  • Size: 1-1/4″ x 1-1/4″ x 4-1/2″

If pink is not your color, don’t freak out: this rad wine bottle stopper actually cycles through the spectrum, making it multi-colored.

Note: Product is no longer available!

Skull Baby Bedding!

OK, I know there are some recovering Goth parents out there who will think this baby bedding linen set adorned with little skull & crossbones designs is just the coolest thing in the world for their new baby’s crib! Visit Sinin’ Linen for more detailed photos, pricing (very reasonable!) and purchasing info!

Ten Functional Household Items Shaped Like A Skull & Crossbones

Okay, you’ve officially got a full month to shop for Halloween, but you should probably get started early, because here are ten hot items shaped like the Skull & Crossbones – such a popular  design year-round, really – that everyone will want to own, whether to plan the perfect Halloween Haunt or to just to live your life like everyday is Halloween!

Image Source

Skull & Crossbones Egg Cooker: One Skull over easy, please!

Image Source

Skull & Crossbones Cookie Cutter: Crispy, Oven-baked Skulls, mmm…delicious!

Image Source

Skull & Crossbones Ice Cube Tray: Bone Chilling!

Image Source

Skull & Crossbones Hot Water Bottle Holder: Warm your bones!

Image Source

Skull & Crossbones Air Freshener: Because it smells like death in here!

Image Source

Skull & Crossbones Dinnerware: Dead animal flesh never tasted so good as when you grill it up and serve it on these plates!!

Image Source

Skull & Crossbones Cocktail Picks: Be the life of the party  when your snacks are skewered on these picks!

Image Source

Skull & Crossbones Chandelier: Illuminate the penetrating darkness with real style!

Image Source

Skull & Crossbones Soaps: Dude! They Glow in the Dark!

Image Source

Skull & Crossbones Dog Toy: Give your dog a bone he can really sink his fangs into!

Kick Some Ass in These Skull & Crossbones Pumps!

These shoes may be more in style for the fall, but at this point that’s just a few weeks away. The seasonal change will likely have arrived by the time you can get your very own pair of these very rad Skull & Crossbones Pumps delivered to your doorstep. They’re on sale for just $23.02 (includes all kinds of discounts and free shipping) over at Endless Dot Com. What a Bargain!

Skellington Skull & Crossbones Decanter

skull and crossbones decanter and glasses

As they say, ‘Choose Yer Poison.” If you plan on getting dead drunk, what better way to accomplish the task than with your favorite spirit decanted from this gorgeous, high quality glass vessel, hand-etched with the always fashionable Skull & Crossbones design made famous by pirates everywhere? I’m in!

I dare say this might even make a nice Goth Wedding gift, if you have one of those on your social calendar – and at only $69.95, it won’t break the bank. Decanter is available from the Neato Shop, with matching glasses, at $19.95 each, sold separately. Sadly these items were discounted since this post was first written.

halloween table top display photo by gail worley

Update September 12th, 2020: I saw this decanter in a gift shop in Brooklyn (see above photo), so you an evidently still find it around! Cheers!

Skulls & Bacon Blog Logo Shirt Worn By Contestant on Top Chef!

Skulls & Bacon  Logo T-Shirt

This is so exciting. Last night I had dinner with my friend Lisa, who writes the awesome blog, Skulls & Bacon. Lisa had a bit of amazing news to share, which is that her website’s very unique and cool logo T Shirt– a skull with bacon crossbones – was actually worn on camera by Top Chef Contestant, Andrea Curto-Randazzo in last week’s show! You can read Lisa’s own blog entry about this surprise event at this link. While Curto-Randazzo was eliminated from the competition last week, she can be seen wearing her Skulls & Bacon shirt in several scenes, including one where the ‘Cheftestants’ are shopping in Whole Foods.

Now, I watch Top Chef every week, but I must have nodded out for the 30 seconds or so that the shirt was seen on TV, because I totally missed it (note to self: watch re-run of last week’s episode tonight). Lisa reports that even though the blog’s name and URL were not seen on the shirt, sales of her shirts are way up this week because people are using the Google to find out where to buy that awesome shirt. Skulls & Bacon! In case you are now wanting to be hip and own a Skulls & Bacon Logo shirt yourself, they are available in a variety of happening styles at This Link.

Andrea Curto-Randazzio Rocks the Skulls & Bacon Logo T-Shirt!

And. . . It’s Monday Again!

Photo By Geoffrey!

This my Monday Mood in-perpetuity!