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Skull Wall!

Skull Wall

Last year at this time, Worley Gig Dot Com celebrated the coming of Halloween with Skull Week, during which I literally blogged about nothing but skulls for an entire week. Scary! Skulls have somewhat reached their saturation point this year – what with the popularity of sites like Skulls and Bacon, I Want Your Skull and Skull a Day – but I like to get with the spirit of the season, so I am exploring scary themes about which to blog for the remainder of the week up to and including Halloween. Appropriately, I found this picture of a wall made out of human skulls. See more cool pictures and read the skull wall’s back story at this link.

Thanks to Neatorama for the tip!

Bacon Thing of the Day: Hand Dryer Icon!

Coincidentally, the Skulls and Bacon blog has posted a somewhat more elaborate version of this graphic just today! Great Bacon Lovers think alike!