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SHAG’s All My Bones at Jonathan LeVine Gallery

The Most Beautiful Daughters (after Balthus)
The Most Beautiful Daughters (after Balthus) By SHAG (All Photos By Gail, Click on Any Image to Enlarge for Detail)

Do you enjoy the artwork of Josh Agle — AKA SHAG? I sure do. In fact, the very high point of last week’s art crawl was the opening reception of SHAG’s latest exhibit, All My Bones at Jonathan LeVine Gallery’s 23rd Street space. Nicole and I enjoyed looking at the paintings and pretending they depicted favorite scenes from episodes of Mad Men. When you look at the photos in this post, I think you will understand why.

The Endless Staircase
The Endless Staircase

With a distinct style influenced by mid-century modern design, Agle paints with a keen attention to figure and form. Depicting stylized subjects in affluent settings he invites viewers into a playful yet satirical world, confronting themes of fame, youth, revelry and excess. With a paradoxical central narrative influenced by Biblical stories, All My Bones epitomizes the artist’s retro aesthetic and expands upon his sophisticated iconography.

The Queen of Sheba
The Queen of Sheba, featuring Don Draper, Megan Draper and Roger Sterling!

Shag at LeVine Reception
Spy Pic of SHAG (second from far left) taken by me at the Opening Reception. He was very nice!

The Golden Calf
The Golden Calf

Rendered with vividly saturated colors, crisp shapes and fluid line work, Agle’s works sardonically look at consumption and consumerism. His extravagant subjects are surrounded by lavish architecture, fashion and furnishings but are apathetic toward their opulence, predominately portrayed as expressionless and emotionally detached.

Macaah and Absalom
Macaah and Absalom

The pieces in All My Bones were inspired by a book of Old Testament stories Agle had as a child. He recalls, “What seemed like straightforward morality plays told in simple language and pictures meant for children turned out to be complex, grotesque and ethically confusing stories when I read them in the Bible as I got older.”

The Most Virtuous Family
The Most Virtuous Family (Note: Possibly the First Depiction of a “Selfie” in an SHAG Paining!)

In this series demonic characters, blazing flames and kingly lions are placed within the hedonistic atmosphere of a SHAG painting with the goal of reinterpreting these fables in such a way that will keep the imagery as morally ambiguous as the source material.

Ahab's Wife, Woman with False Idol III, Ethbaal's Daughter
Installation View Left to Right: Ahab’s Wife, Woman with False Idol III, Ethbaal’s Daughter

The detail in these paintings is just fantastic and photos cannot even do them justice, so if you are intrigued you need to check out this show in person.

Dagon's Pad
Dagon’s Pad (Note: SHAG Autograph Procured at the Opening)

All My Bones by SHAG will be on Exhibit Through June 13th, 2015 at Jonathan LeVine Gallery, Located at
557C West 23rd Street, in the Chelsea Gallery District.

All My Bones Signage


Segafredo Zanetti: Espresso, Cocktails and More!

Espresso Martini
Tiramisu Martini, Anyone? (This and Interior Shot Courtesy of Susan Blonde PR. All Other Food Photos By Anne Raso)


Hot Town, summer in the City – no Manhattanite will deny that our blissfully brutal summer weather has officially landed. We were seeking respite from last week’s hazy, hot and humid trifecta when we stumbled upon the newly opened Segafredo Zanetti Espresso Café and decided that an early evening cocktail might be just the ticket to provide relief on several levels.

Just a few minutes after being quickly seated in the very welcoming retro-modern space, the enticing aromas of fine Northern Italian cuisine, and an extensive menu boasting a variety of comestibles from traditional Italian antipasto to Custom Meat & Cheese plates, Muscles, Burgers and Steaks had us thinking about ordering dinner.

Segafredo Interior Daytime

A little official background on the brand: Segafredo Zanetti Espresso was founded by Massimo Zanetti (the number one private coffee roaster in the world!) and is a leading worldwide espresso chain with Italian credibility. Segafredo NYC (the café’s debut foray into the competitive NYC restaurant scene) offers classic hot espresso beverages as well as specialty drinks and cold espresso cocktails! Where else in NYC will espresso lovers find so many options, and also be able to enjoy an upscale dining experience, all in a “Space Age Bachelor Pad” setting? Answer: Nowhere else.

6th Avenue Cocktail
6th Ave Cocktail

Our cocktails arrived as we continued to peruse the menu: I ordered a 6th Ave ($14) made with Pineapple Vodka, muddled pineapples, ginger ale, Limoncello, coriander and lemon juice. This chilled, sweet and tart yellow elixir was just as refreshing as it sounds. My dining companion chose one of Segafredo’s Italian classic cocktails called a Spritz ($12).

Spritz Cocktail
Spritz Cocktail

The Spritz is a mixture of Aperol (a bitter orange aperitif), Tiziano prosecco, club soda, olives & orange garnish. We were advised that Aperol has a bitter taste, but I would say that ‘bitter’ is not strong enough of a word in this case. If you enjoy the taste of straight Campari this might be the cocktail for you but it was a bit too much of an acquired taste for us.

Fried Artichokes Appetizer

To start, we ordered the Fried Artichoke appetizer ($8) of 4 quick-fried artichoke hearts, drizzled with lemon saffron aioli. This dish is must-try for any fan of artichokes or similar green veggies, and with no breadcrumb or batter coating, it’s as light as any fried dish can be, so you don’t have to feel too guilty.

Chicken Milanese

Northern Italian means there is no pasta on this menu (save for a four-cheese Macaroni with Pancetta$12, which we are sure is delicioso), but it is hardly missed. Choosing two entrees to share, we enjoyed the Chicken Milanese ($12), a pounded-thin, breaded and pan-fried chicken breast topped with arugula salad, ripe chopped tomatoes and crisp red onion. With the chicken being juicy and fork tender, and the breadcrumb coating being perfectly, lightly fried, this is a satisfying dish that arrives ala carte, so heartier appetites could always add a side of sautéed Spinach, Parmesan Truffle Fries or Basil Mash Potatoes (all $6 each).

Bistecca Hangar Steak

We also shared the Bisteca ($24), a hangar steak accented by a balsamic drizzle and accompanied by Yukon Gold Potatoes and garlicky Broccoli Rabe. Mmmm.

Ricotta Cheesecake

The dessert menu is extensive, so we selected two specialties. Segafredo’s chef does Italian cheesecake ($11) in a decidedly modern way. The cake has a creamy texture rather than the dry/crumbly texture of traditional ricotta cheesecake, and it has no bottom crust. Instead, the plate is strewn with a dust of “caramel crumbles” that (owing to magic of molecular gastronomy) mixes on the tongue to create a moist, crumb crust-like texture. Adventurous!

White Chocolate Bread Pudding
We could not resist ordering the White Chocolate Bread Pudding ($10), a blend of brioche and croissants baked together white chocolate, and served warm, topped with homemade vanilla gelato. Sweet!

Segafredo Zanetti NYC is an excellent addition to this centrally-located Village neighborhood: providing a venue for espresso lovers as well as offering a trendy but relaxed bar area, with a breakfast, lunch, dinner and an impressive weekend brunch menu that will cement the already recognized brand in NYC as one of the hottest cafés to see and be seen in. Service is friendly and accommodating as well!

Segafredo Zanetti NYC is Located at 504 6th Avenue (Southeast corner of 13th Street) in Manhattan. Open seven days a week, Hours are Sunday through Wednesday from 7:00 AM-2:00 AM and Thursday to Saturday from 7:00 AM-4:00AM. For more information and to make a reservation please visit: www.sze-nyc.com or call 646-596-9142.