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Reward for Missing Microphone Used by Lux Interior of The Cramps

The Cramps Lux Interior with Microphone
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Singer Eric Scealf of the rock group The Unsatisfied is offering a cash reward of $500 for the return of a microphone that was used by deceased punk icon Lux Interior (1946-2009) of The Cramps. Scealf was given the microphone after a show in Atlanta during The Cramp’s 1995 Flamejob Tour. “I used that mic for a few shows after I got it, just because it had Lux’s mojo on it. Every time I touch that microphone I can feel his spirit, his energy in it,” says Scealf. “It was pretty beat up from Lux pounding it into the stage, so I put it on my trophy shelf. The only time it’s not on that shelf it’s in my make-up case. I carry it with me when The Unsatisfied is working for luck, and I just get good vibes from it, especially since Lux passed away.”

After a recent show in Atlanta and a series of video shoots, it was discovered that the microphone had vanished. After an exhaustive search and several phone calls Scealf and the rest of The Unsatisfied decided to offer a reward for its return. The microphone is a Shure SM58 with a dented and somewhat rusty windscreen and it has a distinct X scratched into the body at the plug. The microphone or information leading to its whereabouts can be mailed to Eric Scealf c/o The Unsatisfied, 4027 Meadow Ln, Chattanooga, TN 37406. You can also phone Eric Turner at (423)504-5965 or email theunsatisfied@gmail.com. No questions will be asked and reward money will be mailed to return address upon receipt of microphone. Mr. Scealf is available for questions or interviews by emailing requests to theunsatisfied@gmail.com.

UPDATE March 17, 2012: Missing ‘Lux Interior’ Microphone Returned By Anonymous

A Shure SM58 microphone that was once used by punk legend Lux Interior of The Cramps has been returned to its owner. Eric Scealf of the rock group The Unsatisfied offered a reward for the return of the mic when he realized it was missing in early February. Yesterday (3/16/12) his plea was answered when the microphone arrived by first-class mail in an anonymous package. Mr. Scealf said “There’s a Dallas, TX postmark but the return address is bogus, we had it checked out. There was no note or anything, just my mic wrapped in some paper and one of those Guy Fawkes masks. That’s it, nothing else.” The Guy Fawkes mask was popularized by the movie V for Vendetta and most recently adopted by members of the “Occupy” movement. It has also become a symbol for the underground political group known simply as ‘Anonymous.’ As of yet, no-one has taken credit for the return of the microphone. Mr Scealf states, “I’d love to find out who sent this back. It’s hard to put into words what this means to me, and I’ll gladly pay the $500 reward if somebody comes forward with proof that they sent it. If not, I’m just glad I got Lux’s microphone back. I feel like King Arthur having Excalibur returned!”

Nightmares For A Week Live Actual Nightmare!

Band Members Bill, Sean Paul and Steven in Happier Times

On Monday April 18th, while on tour with the band Aficionado in Cincinnati, OH, roots-punk band Nightmares For A Week awoke to a real life nightmare: their van had been broken into. The passenger side window was smashed and $8,000 worth of gear was gone. Adding insult to injury; all of the band member’s bags and personal possessions were stolen as well (luggage, GPS, iPod). The band has posted pictures of the gear that was stolen on their website (Nightmares For a Week Dot Com) and Facebook page (http://facebook.com/nightmaresforaweek) so if you live in the Cincinnati  area, please take a look at the local pawn shops and keep an eye out for the gear.

The band’s insurance doesn’t cover the gear (I am guessing they are insured against theft of the vehicle only), and while I can’t help but interject my two cents that it is just ridiculous for a touring band to not carry insurance for the cost of replacing stolen equipment, I also empathize with their situation. Sometimes, life’s lessons are tough ones.

The band has obviously had to leave the tour early and is facing a huge expense to replace their equipment. If you are feeling magnanimous or perhaps wondering what you can do with that fat tax refund that is burning a hole in your wallet, donations are being accepted via Paypal to nightmaresforaweek@gmail.com – any amount will help!