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Remembering Wendy O. Williams

Wendy O Williams
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On This Date, April 6th in 1998: Wendy O. Williams, outrageous vocalist and front woman for The Plasmatics died from self-inflicted gunshot wounds after attempting suicide on several previous occasions. She was 48 years old. As the chief focal point of Plasmatics’ live performances, Williams was infamous for her wild stage theatrics which included blowing up equipment, partial nudity and chain-sawing television sets and guitars onstage. RIP Wendy, you were one of a kind.

Darby Crash: Dead at Twenty-Two

On This Date in 1980: Darby Crash (born Jan Paul Beahm), lead singer of The Germs, died of an intentional heroin overdose at the age of 22. For anyone curious about Darby, The Germs, and the LA Punk Rock scene of the late 70s/early 80s, I highly recommend the bio pic, What We Do is Secret. Despite a lot of criticism from people who were there; to be honest, I was there also, and I think the film got a lot of things right. Favorite Germs Song: “Richie Dagger’s Crime.” RIP Darby.

RIP Dave Blood of the Dead Milkmen

I was hanging out with David Lee Beowulf last night at Vinny “Beany” Cecolini’s Wrestlemania party, and Dave told me that Dead Milkmen bassist, Dave Blood (born David Schulthise) had just died on March 9th. Apparently, he took his own life. What a drag.

I met the guys in the Dead Milkmen once when they were staying in an apartment in the same complex I lived in while they played some shows in Southern California. This was at least a million billion years ago, but I remember it really well. All the guys, Dean Clean, Rodney Anonymous, Joe Jack Talcum, and Dave Blood, were very sweet and cool guys who loved meeting their fans and loved making stupid funny punk rock that kicked ass. I just feel sad that Dave must have been in so much pain to take his own life. Please visit the Dead Milkmen’s website and post a nice message. RIP Dave. “Punk Rock Girl” and “Instant Club Hit” will live forever.