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How I Stopped Worrying And Learned to Love iTunes

Fad Gadget
“Feel the blaaaade…”

Since 100% of the music I featured on my various radio shows, way back when I was a pretty fucking fabulous DJ, is on vinyl – and I haven’t owned a turntable in 20 years – iTunes has surfaced as a nothing-short-of -miraculous way for me to recreate many of my righteous playlists from the early ‘80s. And that just rules. I can’t believe I was able to even survive for such a ridiculous amount of time without the ability to hear the deliriously soaring keyboard strains of “Airport” by The Motors, The Shoes’ scathing post-break-up diatribe “I Don’t Miss You” or the borderline aural perversion of “Lady Shave” by the late great Fad Gadget at a moment’s notice.