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Hobby Horse Bike Hybrid: It’s Art!

Speed: One Horse Power

OK, this outrageous customized bike, created by New York City resident and stand-up comedian Julie Segal definitely deserves the revered title of Cool Thing of The Day. Want!

Link Via Neatorama

Yes It Exists: Lady Gaga Bubble Dress Plush Doll

Now that I have seen this Lady Gaga Bubble Dress Plush, I have really seen everything. Besides the crazy-ass bubble dress that Gaga wore on her first Rolling Stone magazine cover, the doll also comes dressed in copies of other famous outfits worn by the world’s most outrageously hyped-up-the-ass pop star. If you read Portuguese you can get more details – and perhaps even purchasing information – at Katkiller Dot Com.

Yes, it Exists: Hello Kitty Sushi Plush Toy

Hello Kitty Sushi Roll Plush

Here on the Rad Blog we are quite fond of discovering unusual and fucked up plush toys, and this one is no exception: the Hello Kitty Sushi Plush! So twisted, and yet so adorable. Just look at that little Hello Kitty head attached to the tiny plush piece of fake sushi. I could squeal. This near crime against nature comes in three styles and, according to the packaging, can be purchased from Toys R Us stores for just $7.99. What a bargain!

Thanks to Hello Kitty Hell for the tip!

Pink Thing of The Day: Pink Skull for Girls!

Pink Skull

Hey it’s good to be back at the blog, and to kick off my return here’s a rad Pink Thing of the Day: the Pink Flocked Skull for Girls! You have to admit, this universal symbol of human mortality is a lot more palatable in pink. Each 6″ tall, hollow plastic skull is completely covered with a pretty shade of velvety pink flocking. Hinged jaw allows you to pose it with an open or closed mouth. Isn’t it adorable? List Price: $16.95 from Archie McPhee.

Thanks to Lisa at Skulls & Bacon for the tip!

Flight of The Conchords Rotten Dollies

Brett Rotten Dollie


I’m a huge fan of Flight of The Conchords (even if season two really wasn’t very funny), and I know that if these prototype sketches for Flight of the Conchords plush dolls were to actually exist, I would probably have to buy them. If you feel similarly passionate about such things, please write to Alana at Rotten Dollies over in New Zealand and ask her to please make a few.

Thanks To Plastic and Plush for the tip!