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Tuesday Humor: It’s All About Priorities

He Couldn't Swim Joke
Photographed By Gail at Mary Boone Gallery, 24th Street, Chelsea Gallery District)

“I understand your husband drowned and left you two million dollars. Can you imagine, two million dollars, and he couldn’t even read or write.”

“Yeah,” she said, “and he couldn’t swim, either.”

Richard Prince – Couldn’t Read, Couldn’t Write, Couldn’t Swim, 1989

Tuesday Humor: Why Germans Don’t Play Scrabble

German Scrabble

If anyone can translate, please hit the comments!

Tuesday Humor: Not An Orange

Lemon Hiding in Bag of Oranges

Pretty clever, but funnier if you’ve been drinking!

Tuesday Humor: Pizza Salad!

Pizza Salad

This Looks Delicious!

Tuesday Humor: Jesus Shark

Jesus Shark
Image Source

Ahh, this made me chuckle.