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Vinyl Record Lamps

Vinyl Record Table Lamp
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Audiophiles, check this out! Designed by Denmark-based studio Genanvendt, the LP Table Lamp creates a soft and subdued lighting, thanks not only to the records themselves (which help moderate the glow) but also to the screen of translucent material creating a cylinder around the light bulb itself. The LP Table Lamp is available in different sizes with different numbers of LPs. Purchasing information is available at This Link.

Vinyl Record Table Lamp 2

Turntable Clocks: When It’s Time to Rock!

doobies turntable clock

Are you looking for a perfect gift for that hard-to-please old school Vinyl Aficionado-slash-Salvationist? Then check out these awesome wall clocks made from retired turntables by Etsy vendor Pixel This. What makes these clocks especially cool is how the LP or 45 adorning each clock’s face can be interchanged, for an even more personal touch. The clock pictured above displays The Doobie Brothers’ album Minute By Minute — clever!

45 rpm turntable clock


The Beatles’ Yesterday and Today First Charted On This Day in 1965!

Beatles Butcher Cover
Original Butcher Cover: Sells Today For Up To $10,000

On This Date, July 30th in 1965: The Beatles’ 10th album Yesterday and Today went to number one on the Billboard 200 album chart for the first of five consecutive weeks. Of course, this album is most famous for its original raw-meat-and-dismembered-baby-doll-flaunting Butcher Cover, which was soon recalled and replaced with a very bland image depicting the Beatles looking very bored and stoned (seriously, check out Paul’s nose). Controversy!

Beatles Y and T cover
Replacement Cover:  Sells for Around $10.00