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32 Keith Haring Paintings Make Up World’s Largest Jigsaw Puzzle!

Image Courtesy of Ravensburger AG

If you’re looking for an activity to truly get lost in while house-bound during the next east coast snow dump, how about this world-record-setting jigsaw puzzle from puzzle and games manufacturer Ravensburger? Of course, you’d have to first make sure you had a room with enough floor space to work with the puzzle, titled Keith Haring: Double Retrospect, which has a finished size of 17 feet by 6 feet and is comprised of 32,256 individual pieces! The finished puzzle also ranks as a bona fide work of art, displaying 32 brightly-colored works by the late pop artist, Keith Haring. With that many pieces, the puzzle weighs a whopping 42 pounds, but comes with its own hand truck so you can get the box home or at least get it to your car!

Finished Puzzle (Image Courtesy of Ravensburger AG)

Thanks to Wired’s Geek Dad via Neatorama For The Tip!