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Video Clip of The Week: From Indian Lakes, “Blank Tapes”

Just lately, do you feel like the world is making your head hurt, like, all the time? I sure do, and I have chosen this week’s Video Clip with sweet relief in mind. It is my hope that From Indian Lakes’ new music video for the song  “Blank Tapes” will calm your brain and sooth your weary soul. The brainchild of songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Joey VannucchiFrom Indian Lakes has been praised for its music’s rawness of emotions moody indie-rock vibe. Directed by Joshua Halling, the video for “Blank Tapes” portrays two women living through both the ecstasy and the agony of a committed relationship, but the video is an allegory for more than the ups and downs of young love. Halling offers that he wanted to create an isolated world where the couple find themselves in a euphoric state, intoxicated with this image of how they wish things could be, and use it as a scapegoat to hide away from  confusion, frustrations and denial. I think you will enjoy how this love story is told in “Blank Tapes.”

From Indian Lakes takes its name from a small California community outside of Yosemite National Park where Joey Vannucchi grew up on 40 acres of land with no electricity aside from a sparely used generator. “Blank Tapes” comes from the recently released album, Everything Feels Better Now (on Triple Crown Records). Enjoy!

From Indian Lakes Upcoming Tour Dates Below:

28 – Salt Lake City, UT – In The Venue
02 – Omaha, NE – Slowdown
04 – Indianapolis, IN – Deluxe
05 – Milwaukee, WI – The Rave/Eagles Club
06 – Cleveland, OH – The Grog Shop
08 – Toronto, ON – The Velvet Underground
09 – Pittsburgh, PA – The Club at Stage AE
11 – Baltimore, MD – Ottobar
12 – Charlotte, NC – The Underground
14 – Jacksonville, FL – Jack Rabbits Live
15 – Atlanta, GA – The Loft
16 – Baton Rouge, LA – Spanish Moon
18 – San Antonio, TX – Paper Tiger
20 – Tucson, AZ – 191 Toole


David Hockney’s The Yosemite Suite at Pace Gallery

Yosemite Suite
All Photos By Gail

When I was a small child, growing up in southern California, my parents used to take the family on camping vacations to Yosemite National Park. I probably went there four or five times up to the age of 8 or so. While these vacations are many decades in the past for me now, my very vivid memories of the park and its many tall and fragrant redwood trees, crystal clear shallow streams, majestic mountains, tumbling waterfalls, and other uniquely beautiful natural sights and smells stay with me to this day. Yosemite is breathtaking.

Installation View

British artist David Hockney must feel similarly, because he has created a new series of vivid iPad drawings featuring the wild landscape of Yosemite that you can see and enjoy now at Pace Gallery in Chelsea. When I stood in front of these uncomplicated yet profoundly compelling drawings, I felt like I was back in the park again. Everything looked so familiar to me.

Yosemite Suite

You can almost smell the trees.

Red Trees

Pine Tree

Happy Little Trees.


From the late 1800s through most of the 1960s, Yosemite used to have a summertime evening ritual in the park called the Firefall, where visitors could gather to watch a ball of fire get tossed off the side of the one of the mountains, Glacier Point: like a waterfall, only with fire. They stopped doing it because of the danger of a forest fire, and because it got too popular and folks were trampling the meadows to try and see it. It was pretty cool to experience in person though. I’ll never forget it.


David Hockney’s The Yosemite Suite will be on Exhibit Through June 18th, 2016 at PACE, Located at 537 West 24th Street in the Chelsea Gallery District.