Somos 11 Millones / We Are 11 Million On The High Line

We Are 11 Million
Photo By Gail

Andrea Bowers is a Los Angeles-based artist working in video, drawing, and installation that combines art and activism in order to draw attention to the struggle for social justice. For the High Line, Bowers presents a continuation of her ongoing work supporting the DREAMers, individuals who came to the United States at an early age without documentation, who have assimilated to U.S. culture, and who have been educated in the U.S. School system.

Here’s what the sign looks like at night.

We Are 11 Million

The message is written in Spanish on one side and in English on the other.

Somos 11 Millones

Bowers invited the immigration activist group Movimiento Cosecha to write a slogan in support of DREAMers, realized as a neon sign reading “Somos 11 Millones / We Are 11 Million,” which is the number of undocumented immigrants in the United States.

Part of the Agora Project, Installed on The High Line (Under the Standard Hotel) Through March of 2019.

Modern Art Monday Presents: Wayne Thiebaud, Candy Ball Machine

Candy Ball Machine
Photo By Gail

Wayne Thiebaud (b. 1920) is an American painter widely known for his colorful works depicting commonplace objects — pies, lipsticks, paint cans, ice cream cones, pastries, and hot dogs — as well as for his landscapes and figure paintings. In his defense of common objects as being suitable for painting, as seen with Candy Ball Machine (1977), Thiebaud often mentions the gumball machine.  “A gumball machine can be a kind of icon, with its simple beauty, its colors, its relationship, its magic — we put in a penny and out comes a brightly colored gumball or prize. It is  a glorious toy which we adults miss the wonder of.”

Photographed as Part of the Exhibit, Wayne Thiebaud, Draftsman, Which is on View at The Morgan Library in NYC Through September 23rd, 2018.

Pink Thing of The Day: Pink Retro Rotary Dial Desk Telephone

Pink Rotary Dial Telephone
All Photos By Gail

Do you recognize this object? Do you know how works? How old are you? Don’t answer that. It’s hard to believe that this totally rad Pink Rotary Dial Desk Telephone was once the height of cool and contemporary consumer design. Now, it’s just a sculpture, or a piece pop culture ephemera.

Pink Phone with Pink Mirror

Maybe you’ve seen one used as a prop in an old movie you enjoy for its nostalgic pull.

Pink Rotary Dial Telephone

It is beautiful though, ins’t it? Sure it is.

Photographed at ICFF at Javits Center, NYC, in May of 2018

The Dig of No Body (Soil Sample) By Mariechen Danz, on The High Line

The Dig of No Body
All Photo By Gail

Mariechen Danz (b. 1980, Dublin, Ireland) is a Berlin-based artist who researches representations of the body, investigating the way it has been given meaning in various cultures, epochs, and fields of knowledge. In her installations, performances and music, often in collaboration with other artists and musicians, the human body emerges as a contradictory structure and a scene of conflict — an utterly contaminated zone, both politically and historically.

The Dig of No Body Detail
Torso Section, Detail

For the High Line, Danz presents a new iteration of The Dig of No Body, a sculpture that references anatomical learning models segregated into individual parts, like a life-sized soil sample in movable layers.

The Dig of No Body Detail
Arm Section, Detail

The work evokes our changing relationship to the earth, as well as the popular contemporary name “Anthropocene,” which suggests humans’ creation of a new geological era.

The Dig of No Body

The Dig of No Body is Part of the Group Exhibition Agora, On Display Along The High Line Through March of 2019.

Product Review: Booty Shawl Fashion Hip Wrap

Audrey Hipburn Booty Shawl
Audrey Hipburn-Style Booty Shawl (Image Courtesy of My Booty Shawl)

When it comes to rocking my personal style, leggings are an endlessly versatile fashion asset that I simply cannot do without. I pair them with a T Shirt for yoga, top them with a tunic and boots for the office, and layer them under skirts or dresses for added warmth in the winter. While feeling properly dressed in just leggings and a top is not an issue for me, there have been a few situations where I felt like I maybe needed a little extra “street coverage” when my shirt ends up being shorter than I had realized before leaving the house. In a pinch, you can always tie a sweater around your waist, but isn’t it better to plan ahead so you can feel confident and keep your outfit looking polished? Sure it is.

Booty Shawl Package

Enter the Booty Shawl: a lightweight, fashionable hip wrap that you can wear as a shirt extender or skirt-cover up over tight jeans or leggings anytime you want a little extra coverage that complements your style.  When I heard about the Booty Shawl, I immediately knew this was a fashion accessory that would not only be fun to play around with, but something that I could use right away to solve the coverage dilemma.

Audrey Hipburn Booty Shawl
Audrey Hipburn Booty Shaw in Black Stretch Lace

The ladies at Booty Shawl sent me over this Audrey Hipburn in Black Lace, which goes with practically everything my closet. This is what it looks like on:

AH Black Lace

So super chic! Audrey Hipburn provides the most coverage of all Booty Shawl styles. Low on the sides,  the  wide waistband can be worn rolled over to cover pockets and provide more tummy holding power or unrolled for more midriff shaping. Large kangaroo pockets stash cash or cards or so you can go hands-free.Throw this baby on after dance class and you’re ready for cocktail time!

Booty Shawl comes in three other styles. Check them out:

Lauren Bashawl

Lauren Bashawl is the newest girl in the Booty Shawl house; a direct response to customers who loved the wide 4″ waistband and wanted coverage for curvier hips. Her skirt is cut with greater easement to fit over more voluptuous hips, but still does the basic booty covering duty.

Booty Shawl Stella Draper-1

Stella Draper’s asymmetrical design allows for adjustments side to side. Slide it to the right for a little more leg reveal. Slide to the left for more hip reveal. Topped off with a simple elastic waistband, Stella provides coverage and cost control.

Booty Shawl Isabella Wrapalini

Isabella Wrapalini features a wide 4″ waistband which provides tummy holding talents. Crossover panels on the side of the legs provide great mobility for lateral movement. Ideal for dancers, prances and jumpers of joy. The secret waistband pocket holds essentials!

Each Booty Shawl style comes in an array of fabrics, colors and sizes (XS2X) and can easily be worn with any outfit you can imagine! Dress them up over skinny jeans, keep it casual over yoga pants, rock them at the gym over leggings, or wear it as a swimsuit coverup. The fashion possibilities are endless! Visit My Boot Shawl Dot Com for more Information on each Booty Shawl style and to make purchase, check out the Look Books, and visit the Booty Shawl Etsy Shop at This Link for custom orders!

Modern Art Monday Presents: Hannah Wilke, Venus Pareve

Hannah Wilke Venus Pareve 
All Photos By Gail

Hannah Wilke (1940 – 1993) was a leading artist of the feminist art movement that began in the 1970s. Her primary subject was her own body, explored in sculptures, drawings, photographs, and performance as part of a larger investigation of femininity and sexuality.  Venus Pareve (1982 – 84) comprises twenty-five sculptural self-portraits, hand-modeled and then cast in plaster of Paris or edible kosher chocolate.

Hannah Wilke Venus Pareve 

Wilke often presents herself in the role Venus, the Roman goddess of Love, sex and fertility. These figures, like many celebrated classical sculptures of the goddess, lack arms and legs — their beauty is without agency; they are helpless objects of desire.

Hannah Wilke Venus Pareve 

The title, too, mimics the names of famous Greek and Roman states: Venus de Milo, Venus Pudica, Venus Genetrix. Pareve, however, is a Hebrew term from Jewish dietary law, signifying food that contains neither dairy nor meat and that therefore may be eaten without restriction. Venus Pareve critiques the perception of woman’s bodies as objects of consumption.

Hannah Wilke Venus Pareve 
The Painting on the wall in the background is Double Portrait (Gay Flag) by Ross Bleckner.

Photographed in The Jewish Museum in NYC.

Patch Whisky Storefront Mural on Allen Street

Patch Whisky Mural
Photo By Gail

The New Allen (#TheNewAllen) is an on-going public art project where different street artists are commissioned to paint murals on the walls and the storefront gates along Allen Street between Canal and Houston (where Allen turns into First Avenue). This one, done in the very distinctive style of South Carolina-based muralist Patch Whisky (real name Rich Miller) was spotted on the west side of Allen adjacent to number 129.  I think this piece is called the Candy Bandit, but I am not sure. Anyway, I love it.

Mosaic Tile Coffee Cups in the 59th Street Subway Station

Blooming Elizabeth Murray
All Photos By Gail

If you’ve ever had to transfer from the 4 and 5 lines at 59th Street / Lexington Ave to the N/R/W or 6 trains on the upper level, then you have passed by the huge mosaic tile Coffee Cup Mural on the mezzanine level, which is part of a larger work called Blooming, by artist Elizabeth Murray.

Blooming Elizabeth Murray

Murray has also scattered smaller mosaic tile shoes and coffee cups through the stairwells and on the train platform walls.

Blooming Elizabeth Murray

The artwork was installed in the station in 1996.

Modern Art Monday Presents: Chaim Soutine, Still Life with Rayfish

Still Life with Ray Fish
Photos By Gail

In Still Life with Ray Fish (1924), Chaim Soutine animates the components of this still life with a dynamic composition and energetic brush strokes. The rayfish (a fish similar to skate and fit for human consumption) presides over a table with its mouth agape, as though caught in a cry. The exposed flesh and spilled tomatoes imply and unsettling violence.

The Ray

The work’s motif was inspired by The Ray, a masterpiece by Jean-Baptiste-Simeon Chardin. Rather than copying Chardin, Soutine set up similar objects in his studio and painted them from life, creating four versions in varying formats. Compared with Chardin’s painting, Soutine reduces the number of objects in the scene and crops the background to emphasize the expressive features of the ray.

Photographed as Part of the Exhibit, Chaim Soutine: Flesh, at the Jewish Museum in Manhattan (On Loan from the Metropolitan Museum of Art).

The 11 Best Steps to Take to Effectively Protect Your Health

Healthy Lifestyle Graphic
Image Source

The lifestyle choices you make can determine your quality of life and lifespan. There are many factors that can play a role in your general health and wellbeing. Making the right decisions for your body could potentially help you to ward away certain medical conditions, reduce the effects of aging, lift your mood, and increase your energy levels each day. If you want to build a strong, flexible and healthy body, read the 11 best steps to take to effectively protect your health.

Step 1: Choose the Right Deductible Health Plan

No-one wants to worry about finances when ill, but that’s exactly what might happen to you if you fail to choose the right deductible health plan. Insurance must become a top priority in order to protect yours and your family’s health and finances.However, you will need to choose between a high or low deductible plan that’s right for your budget and needs. Find out more info today for help picking the right option for you.

Step 2: Attend Regular Medical Checkups

The minute you stop attending regular checkups is the minute you start neglecting your health. Regardless of how busy your life might be, make time to attend a checkup with your doctor, dentist and eye doctor, so you can prevent a health condition and receive a diagnosis and treatment for a medical complaint.
Also, make sure you understand exactly what your health insurance plan offers, so you will not be left out of pocket for a checkup, screening, or medical treatment.

Step 3: Make Healthier Food Choices

While a little of what you like is fine in moderation, too much saturated fat, carbohydrates, and sugars will all lead to an unhealthy lifestyle and excess weight. A balanced diet should contain a mix of protein, healthy fats, vitamins, minerals, fiber, and carbohydrates. This will reduce your risk of a heart attack, cardiovascular disease, stroke, and type 2 diabetes. What’s more, it will help to lower both your weight and cholesterol. It might also be helpful to contact a nutritionist, as he or she could develop a diet plan that complements your body and needs.

Step 4: Lose Weight if Necessary

According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, 70.7%of American adults over the age of 20 are either overweight or obese. Sadly, carrying excess weight cannot only increase a person’s risk of various health conditions, but it can also cause weight-related injuries. For instance, it’s common for people to suffer from arthritis due to extra pressure on their joints. If you need help losing weight, visit a doctor or nutritionist to develop a diet plan that works for you.

Step 5: Exercise Regularly

Exercise is one of the best ways to maintain or lose weight. If you want to increase your endurance, fitness, strength, and flexibility, aim to enjoy between 30 to 60 minutes of physical activity at least five times per week. An active lifestyle can also help to treat high blood pressure, depression, and osteoporosis. There are different exercises you can try, such as brisk walking, jogging, weight training, or a dance class. Simply find an activity that complements your personality.

Step 6: Maintain Healthy Teeth and Gums

Proper dental care not only helps you to enjoy a bright, white smile and avoid tooth decay and bad breath, but it can also protect your heart. Scientists have found that maintaining healthy teeth and gums can protect your heart from disease. So, brush your teeth and gums twice each day, floss daily, and visit a dentist at least twice a year.

Step 7: Stretch Your Legs

A sedentary lifestyle can lead to various health consequences that can diminish your quality of life. In fact, it’s believed women who are inactive for 11 hours or more each day increase their risk of premature death by 12%. That’s why it’s so important to peel yourself away from the sofa or office desk to stretch your legs and go for a walk.

Step 8: Don’t Neglect Your Mental Health

Mental health is a hidden disease, which is why it’s so easy to ignore it and pretend to others as if there is nothing wrong. Rather than bottling up your emotions, you must speak to a doctor about how you are feeling, as well as a loved one. Opening up will not only make you feel better, but there could be a treatment option to help you overcome or manage a disorder.

Step 9: Protect Your Skin

Too much sun exposure cannot only lead to unwanted sunburn, but it can also increase the likelihood of skin cancer, wrinkles, and age spots. Whenever the sun starts to shine, you should apply broad-spectrum sunscreen to protect your skin from harmful UVA and UVB rays, and you must ensure it is a minimum SPF 30. You can also shield your body from the sun by wearing protective clothing and hats.

Step 10: Stop Smoking

Smoking is not only unattractive, but it can lead to a wide variety of health conditions that can considerably shorten your lifespan. Quit smoking to add decades onto your life. For example, you can slowly reduce the number of cigarettes you smoke until you’re no longer addicted to the harmful sticks, or you could quit altogether with the help of nicotine patches and gum. Talk to your doctor for more information on how you can stop smoking.

Step 11: Limit Your Alcohol Consumption

While a little bit of alcohol is reportedly good for you, too much can seriously damage your health. Stop destroying your liver and limit your alcohol consumption. For example, men should reportedly have no more than two alcoholic drinks per day, while women should not consume more than one per day. That doesn’t mean pouring a bottle of wine into the largest glass you can find, either. One drink is equivalent to five ounces of wine, 12 ounces of beer, or 1.5 ounces of liquor.”