Pink Thing of The Day: Pink Cockle Shell Artwork By Tony Feher

pink shells by tony feher photo by gail worley
Photos By Gail

These Pink-Painted Cockle Shells, carefully placed and adhered to a pink board is a work by artist Tony Feher (19562016). I first saw the piece from the side as I entered the gallery from another room and was intrigued by how much the shells looked like the suckers of a octopus (see detail photo, below)!  It may look like a ‘kid could do this,’ but consider the thought behind it in the scope of the artist’s oeuvre. The work is actually part of a series entitled It Didn’t Turn Out The Way I Expected from 2016.

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Fishing Lure Mail Box

mail box fishing lure photo by gail worley
Photo By Gail

Oh the cleverness. While relaxing at friend’s beach house over the long Labor Day weekend, I spotted this  Fishing Lure-shaped Mail Box out front of Haskell’s Outpost Bait and Tackle Shop (they appear to need Instagram followers!) in Westhampton Beach, LI, NY. It’s pretty cool!

Eye On Design: Gothic Sofa By Kimbel and Cabus

gothic sofa by kimbel and cabus photo by gail worley
All Photos By Gail

This visually arresting, deep-teal hued Gothic sofa by Kimbel and Cabus (circa 1875) presents a paradox. The angled arms and legs meet to suggest adjustability or flexibility, but the strong mortise-and-tenon joints that secure the legs and rails render motion impossible.

turquoise gothic sofa by kimbel and cabus photo by gail worley

By creatively inverting German architect Edwin poplar’s angled rear chair leg, the firm created a surprisingly forward-looking sofa design.

turquoise gothic sofa by kimbel and cabus photo by gail worley

Photographed in the Brooklyn Museum as Part of the Exhibit Modern Gothic: The Inventive Furniture of Kimbel and Cabus, 1863–82, on View Through February 13th, 2022.

Product Review: CBD ME Lip Balm by Eco Lips

cbd me kids balms photo by gail worley
All Photo By Gail

Well, it appears to be that time of year / the pandemic (again) where we’re going back to school, or returning to the office — or at least making an effort. This reboot of a once-famliar-but-now-somewhat-strange ritual necessitates the reexamination of what items we must shove in our purse or backpack so that we feel safe and comfortable leaving the house. You probably have a list: hand sanitizer, tissues, extra mask, and — something I never leave home without — lip balm. Last year, we reviewed the Mongo Kiss Lip Balms by Eco Lips and found this line of all-natural lip protection to be high quality and also fun to use. Win win!

Now, Eco Lips ups their game by introducing a CBD infused line of all-natural lip balms, CBD ME, which ticks all the boxes for me.

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Modern Art Monday Presents: Tomma Abts, Kobo

tomma abts kobo photo by gail worley
Photo By Gail

Tomma Abts (German, b 1967) produces her paintings following a strict, self-imposed procedure. For almost twenty years, she has used vertical canvases measuring precisely 48 by 38 centimeters (19 by 15 inches) for her paintings. Rather than begin with a preconceived structure in mind, she allows her abstract compositions to take shape as she works, sometimes over the course of several years. She paints with the support cradled in her arm, not on an easel.  As seen here, the surfaces of Abts’ canvases are composed of many layers of paint, with the ghosts of past compositions just barely visible underneath subsequent coats of acrylic and oil.  This work’s title, Kobo (1999) is pulled, like all of her titles, from an encyclopedia of German surnames.

Photographed in The Metropolitan Museum of Art in NYC. 

Instagram Photo of The Week: Cloud in a Glass

Over the Labor Day weekend, I snapped this photo while sitting on the deck of my friend’s Hamptons Beach House, just as the sun was setting. This was more about capturing a Friday-evening-moment of relaxing with a glass of wine than making art, but what was unexpected is how a cloud’s reflection is seen in the remaining wine in my glass. Cloud in a glass.

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Creative Ways To Buy Your First Home While Under 30

Photo by Binyamin Mellish on

Buying a home is a major life milestone, but increasingly it can feel beyond reach in 2021. Buying a home under the age of 30 can feel impossible, but you can do it. There are plenty of creative ways to buy a property at any age and with almost any budget.

It is crucial to consider whether you’re ready for the responsibility of a property. After all, the commitment goes beyond the initial cost of the property and includes maintenance and tying yourself to a particular area for the long term.

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