5 Benefits of Using Citations in Your Writing

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Researchers write their academic papers, but some don’t understand how to use citations. Acknowledging sources is an important part of your writing. Some of the reasons for using citations are for the benefit of other researchers and the community.

Your professors will go through your work and check whether you have used citations, which determines the grades you get on your essays and assignments. Let’s dig deeper into the benefits of citations in writing.

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Modern Art Monday Present: Seth Price, Vintage Bomber

vintage bomber photo by gail worley
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Since the early 2000s, Seth Price has been fascinated by vacuum forming, a process in which plastic is heated and sucked against a mold. The artist repurposes the technique, traditionally used for commercial packaging, and casts unexpected objects. For Vintage Bomber (2006), he forced a PVC over the mold of a bomber jacket. Bubbles, creases, and other deformations run throughout the surface, rendering the military garment unfamiliar. Continue reading Modern Art Monday Present: Seth Price, Vintage Bomber

How To Create Great Content For Your Website

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 A website is a crucial component of a successful business. Not only is it something people expect to see (and if they don’t, they may not consider your business trustworthy enough to buy from), but it essentially acts as a storefront to advertise what your business can do. In some cases, it’s the store itself.

Therefore, it makes sense that you ensure your website is seen by as many people as possible and that when they visit, they stay and ideally make a purchasing decision in your favor. This is where content comes in. Good content on your site, usually in the form of a blog, for example, will help you rank higher in search engine results, ensuring that more people find you. It also keeps people on your site for longer, helps them trust you, and shows that you are an authority in what you do. Continue reading How To Create Great Content For Your Website

Three Must Have Jewelry Boxes

assorted costume jewelry
The Childhood Costume Jewelry Collection (Image Source)

As a child, I amassed quite a collection of costume jewelry pieces – mostly cast-offs from my mom’s and grandmother’s collections — which I wore when playing ‘Dress Up’ games with my friends. It didn’t have much real value, but I loved my collection of gaudy baubles, nonetheless.  My first ‘jewelry box’ was just a little cardboard box, where I would return my beads, brooches, and rings once I was done with my play, but I would often open that box just to admire my treasure. Eventually, I inherited a proper jewelry box from my older sister, and while it was rather beat up-looking, I confess I never thought to replace it (sentimental value, I suppose) until I was well into adulthood. Continue reading Three Must Have Jewelry Boxes

Beverages You Can Mix With CBD Oil

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As we evolve and innovate in the healthcare field, we start to uncover new ways of doing things, and new ways of healing our bodies. We find new medicines, procedures,  products, etcetera. These days, we can easily add medicines and supplements into the food and drinks we consume. Adding CBD oil to foods and beverages for consumption has become especially popular, as it has branched out greatly  from what was originally a chemical compound mainly used in topicals lotions and creams, in edibles such as CBD gummies (available from online outlets such as  JUSTCBD).
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