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Pink Thing of The Day: Friendly Pink Ghost

cute pink ghost photo by gail worley
Photos By Gail

Pink is not  a color one would typically associate with Halloween décor, and yet, this adorable, smiling Pink Ghost — with a bow on her head — was discovered by me in the home goods department of TJ Maxx.
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Yes, It Exists: Cock Soup

cock soup photo by gail worley
Photo By Gail

Okay, technically this is Cock-Flavour (sp) Noodle Soup, but still. Couldn’t they just call it Chicken flavored soup mix? Talk about being desperate for attention.

Photographed in a Random Grocery Shop in London.

The Logan Roy #1 Dad T-Shirt: For the Dad Who Embraces the Dark Side of Parenting!

logan roy t shirt number one dad

Let me start by saying, if you’re looking for a Father’s Day gift that boldly celebrates the absolute worst qualities of fatherhood, then the Logan Roy #1 Dad T-Shirt is a hilariously perfect choice! Packed with irony and a hefty dose of dark humor, this handsome and comfy tee encapsulates the essence of the infamous Patriarch from HBO’s Succession.

Now, I know what you’re thinking: “Why on earth would I want my dad to wear a shirt that pays tribute to such a terrible father figure?” Well, my friend, that’s precisely the point! This shirt is like a playful middle finger to all the conventional notions of fatherly greatness. It’s a rebellious statement that says, “Hey, Dad, you may not be perfect, but at least you’re not as bad as Logan Roy!” Continue reading The Logan Roy #1 Dad T-Shirt: For the Dad Who Embraces the Dark Side of Parenting!

Happy Mothers Day to All Moms and Pet Moms!

beau the dog photo by gail worley
Hi, I’m Beau (Photo By Gail)

Today, May 14th, is Mothers Day here in the US, and I would like to take a minute wish to a Happy Mother’s Day to all Moms out there, including Dog Moms and Cat Moms. I don’t have any kids myself, but I’m the proud and happy caretaker for this gorgeous puppy named Beau, who was rescued from a meat truck in China five years ago, and brought to the states to be adopted. He is the sweetest, most handsome boy, and I love him to pieces.

Instagram Photo of The Week: “No Touch The Garbage”

Hands Off The Garbage, Man!

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