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Instagram Post of The Week: Block Elon Musk

Do you have a Twitter account that you barely use anymore (or stopped using altogether)? Same. Because Twitter blows and its megalomaniac owner/mouthpiece Elon Musk is a lunatic attention whore who’s made an already mostly unsafe place basically intolerable. I’m not quite ready to delete my account just yet, but I did finally have to block Musk from delivering his nut-job rants to my feed (I’ve never followed him) by blocking him completely. If you need to do so as well, please then make a post using the hashtag that I made up for this occasion #nofussnomusk because I would love to see that trend. Thank you, please drive through.

Merry Christmas, 2022!

creepy santas photo by gail worley
Photo By Gail

Creepy Santa Alert! I found this photo in my archives dated 2017! Wow, still creepy! Merry Christmas, Dear Readers!

Pink Thing of The Day: Woman in Tight Pink Vinyl Pants

woman in pink pants photo by gail worley
Photo By Gail

The very nature the Spy Pic is that there’s maybe a split-second to successfully capture the OMG Moment before said moment is lost to memory forever. You can’t wait for a perfect scenario when you must act with lightning speed. That’s why my pretty groovy shot of this curvaceous woman (who is definitely not Kim Kardashian) wearing possibly the most skin-tight pair of Hot Pink Vinyl Pants imaginable has a bunch of other unglamorous nobodies in the frame; it  simply could not be helped. Still, worth it.

Photographed at the Louis Vuitton 220 Trunks, 200 Visionaries Exhibit in NYC.

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Instagram Photo of The Week: New Social Media Profile Pic?

This rather fabulous simulated likeness of myself was sent to me this past week from a “friend” who has owed me a considerable amount of money for over a decade. While he has successfully avoided any discussion of ever repaying me (and, trust me, I am not holding my breath), he occasionally snags photos from my social media accounts and does crazy things to them with photoshop, sending me the resulting images for my amusement and pacification, I suppose. While it seems unlikely that I will ever see that long-gone cash, perhaps one day my debtor will be a famous artist and I can say I own some of his original NFTs.

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Instagram Photo The Week: Poolside at The Dominick Hotel

Where did the summer go? We’re on the cusp of Labor Day already and I haven’t even taken my vacation yet! Here I am relaxing poolside at the Dominick Hotel, enjoying roast pork tacos and frozen cocktails (not shown) as part of a Summer Luau at their Terrace on 7 restaurant El Ta’koy, which serves Hawaiian fare. It was a lovely evening.

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