When The Levee Breaks

Just last night, Vince Danger and I were taking about whether we’ll ever be able to hear that Led Zeppelin song again without becoming at least somewhat emotionally overwhelmed.
I tend to avoid getting political on this page, but the fact that New Orleans and other parts of the South have been completely devastated nuclear-war-style by Hurricane Katrina simply cannot be ignored. While I was grateful and relieved to hear that my friends in Supagroup and their loved ones had successfully evacuated New Orleans prior to the storm hitting hard, I’ve been obsessively watching the coverage on CNN until I just can’t cry anymore.

After recently being given reason to suspect that The Red Cross may not be making the best use of my money, I’ve been looking for an organization that I felt could best use my donation to directly help the victims of the flooding and displacement. Today I found out about Black America Web Relief Fund, an organization which sends direct finncial aid to families and individuals who have taken in people displaced in this catastrophe, assisting them with the cost of food, clothing, rent and anything else needed. They take Paypal so it takes, literally, like two seconds to make a donation. If everybody reading this gave just a few dollars it would make such a difference. Thank you and rock on until we are all together again.