Some Kind of Golf Monster

Golf Monster Book Cover
Smart, Beautiful, Maybelline

Last night my friend Katherine (please see Ian Hunter blog a few entries down for the back-story on Katherine) took me out to dinner as a belated Birthday gift. Because she rocks so hard, she also gave me a copy of Alice Cooper’s new biography, Golf Monster. I’ve only had time to casually page through the book since it fell into my possession last night, but it looks like a pretty easy read; something you can tackle in one or two afternoons at most. From what I understand, Golf Monster tells the story of how Alice got sober for good by getting up every day at the crack of dawn to play golf. But of course, it’s also a biography where he waxes nostalgic on his career, including the gory glory days of the original band called Alice Cooper – the group that started the whole shock rock thing that Alice basically gets exclusive credit for even though it was invented by five guys. Don’t even get me started on that.

I’m most interested in reading Golf Monster to find out what stories Alice retells in this book that I’ve already written about in the book I’m working on with Neal Smith. That way, Neal and I can compare the two versions and make sure our version is a million billion times better. I’ve already been told that Alice talks about the time he shot Neal during a hunting trip out in the Arizona desert, but since Neal is the one who actually got shot, and Neal never spent any time in rehab, I’m pretty sure we can one-up him!

I’ll check back in with my verdict on Golf Monster once I’ve finished reading Alice’s latest collection of tall tales. I’m sure it’s no Billion Dollar Baby – because, seriously, what the hell is? – but it’ll be good for a few laughs, no doubt.