Disappointed and It Feels So Not Good

Lisa is the DevilSpike
Lisa Stays and Spike Goes: So Not Fair

I’m quite certain that I’m far from the only one who wanted to call “Foul!” at the conclusion of last night’s Top Chef, when Spike was eliminated over Lisa. I mean WTF? Lisa rightfully earned a place in the bottom group on nearly every challenge and, while Spike had a few stumbles, he is clearly the superior chef – and a better sport too, if you ask me. Although, now that I am thinking about it he did pull that passive aggressive “Bread, lettuce and tomato” snafu over his competitors during the “To Protect and To Serve” episode a few weeks back. That was kind of a dick move, actually. But anyway, except for Lisa I’m happy with having Richard, Antonia and Stephanie (my fave to win) in the finals. I can’t wait for the reunion show (hopefully next week?) to hear all the shit talk that goes down!

In other culinary news, I had one of those new Supreme BLT Chicken Sandwiches (crispy style) for lunch at McDonalds and it was fucking awesome.

(Lisa Satan Head Courtesy of BestWeekEver.TV)