Jana Peri, Singer/Songwriter & Guitarist

Jana at Stonehenge

Jana Peri at Stonehenge

“It seems kind of odd for me to be writing an endorsement for Gail, given that we live in the same neighborhood and have been friends for years; that is, unless you know why I met Gail in the first place.  It was because of her writing. I stumbled upon a piece she had written about publicists which was posted on the Internet, was immediately intrigued and sought her out. We started corresponding and finally met in person when we attended a film screening and rode the subway home together. Over time, we have become great pals and have seen countless bands together. When I needed someone to write a new bio for me tocoincide with the release of my CD, Catching Flies with Vinegar, it was a no-brainer. If you are looking for someone with a great reverence for music history, tempered with an irreverent sense of humor, Gail is your girl!”