Extra Computer Storage Was Never So Delicious

Comes in a Variety of Flavors!

Ladies, Gentlemen and Computer Geeks everywhere, I present to you the Donut USB Drive, available from Vavolo.com for $29.99Vavolo presents the latest USB2.0 Flash Drive Customized Series- Strawberry donut 1Gb, with chiseled exterior, tasty donut in appearance, it’s not just merely provides storage solution, but also an eye-catching artware. Crafted with advanced storage technology, formed in a unique, personalized, premium design make you enjoy the enhanced design and improved functionality which just for you. it have everything you desire in the ear of customized flash storage solution.

It is able to work with desktop, laptop as long as a USB 2.0 or 1.1 USB port available, fully USB Plug&Play, high performance in data transfer rate, maximal data transfer rate up to 480Mpbs. It offer a stable, quick way to exchange or share data, such as music files, videos, digital photos, training or business presentations.


* Strawberry donut design
* Stylish, eye-catching
* 1Gb internal capacity
* USB 2.0, 1.1 specification compliance.
* USB Plug&Play
* Hi-speed and stable data transferring.
* Power supply: DC+5 Volts supplied by USB port.