Cooler Heads Prevail: Barack Obama is Our Next President!

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Thank You, Jesus

Today is, honestly, the happiest day of my life in the past eight years. But it’s kind of hard to gloat (and I feel I really earned the right to gloat) when there are so many long faces here in my office on Wall Street. Geezus, what bunch of Party Poopers! I am relieved however to be able to throw down the gauntlet for a while and give the blog back over to frivolity and cute boys again knowing that our country has been awarded a new lease on life with the election of Barack Obama and Joe Biden. It is my sincere hope that all of the haters can calm down, open their hearts and minds and really allow Obama to work some magic on this badly-in-need-of-healing country that we all love so much. He wouldn’t have been elected if it wasn’t meant to happen. Anyway, I’m happy, and my closest friends are happy, and I’m going to let that happiness be enough for me today, no matter how hard the party poopers try to harsh my mellow. I’ll take up the battle again tomorrow.

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  1. I’m happy. I’m also happy to have voted AGAINST Palin. She is like some bad circus act that wouldn’t stop. What the hell were they thinking when they picked her as VP running mate? If anything, she doesn’t like being on the losing team. It was fun to watch her squirm at the concession speech. On with frivolity!

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