I Do Not Wish to Live on This Street

“Yes, that is where I live, Officer.”

If you think Butt Hole Road is bad, read the rest of this article on some of the UK’s more embarrassing or inappropriate sounding street and town names (from Thursday’s NY Times) at this link.

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  1. Check out National Lampoon’s Big Book of True Facts. It has this and hundreds of other roads, wedding announcements, newspaper headlines, etc. I about wet myself from laughing so hard.

  2. In northwest Nebraska, north of the tiny town of Harrison, there is a road that goes north out of town called Pants Butte. To top it off, a mile away, there is a road going east and west called Lickett Road. No joke. Check out a map of it sometime. At some point I hope they extend Lickett Road to Pants Butte so I can build a house there and say I live on the corner.

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