An Octopus with a Rubik’s Cube

Marine experts have given 25 octopuses (octopi?) a Rubik’s Cube each in a study aimed at easing their stress levels in captivity. Scientists believe the intelligent sea creatures have a preferred arm out of eight that they use to feed and investigate with. They are now testing this theory with a month-long observation project in which the octopuses will be given food and toys to play with. Read the full story here.

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  1. I’ve always been fascinated by octopuses, and the question posed in the article has been around a long time. The way I understand it, the prevailing thought is that an octopus might reach for something, but at least in its “main brain” does not know which tentacle is being used. A similar question, about the cowfish you posted recently! I stare at that fish in the doctor’s tank, wondering how that little guy synchronizes his little propeller fins so well!
    The undersea kingdom never ceases to amaze…

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