Happy 50th Birthday, Barbie!

The Barbie Doll celebrates its 50th Birthday today, March 9th, 2009! Barbie Trivia: during her first year in stores, about 300,000 Barbies were sold at $3 a pop. The average price it would cost you to get one of those original dolls in good condition today: $27,450. Happy Birthday, Barbie! We all wish we had your glamorous life, amazing wardrobe, huge rack, mile-long legs and teeny tiny waist!

Just a Few of the Gazillion Incarnations of Barbie since 1959!

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  1. I did a job interview at Mattel in El Segundo way back in the late 90’s. The lobby was like Barbie Central. All makes and models were proudly displayed… plus the life-size Barbie… which is big enough to take to a bar for a martini or three. 🙂

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