Happy Birthday, Peter Frampton!

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Peter Frampton was born on this date, April 22nd in 1950. One of the most exhilaratingly memorable concerts I attended as a rebel youth was the 1976 co-headlining mega-tour featuring British Prog Rock legends Yes and Superstar Guitarist (and Sex Symbol), Peter Frampton. Frampton’s then-recently released double live album, Frampton Comes Alive! (you’ve probably heard of it) was number one on the charts, which helped to sell out the venue – Southern California’s Anaheim Stadium – to a capacity crowd of around 56,000. I was fifteen years old that summer and I had the time of my life. Thanks for the memories, Peter.

0 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, Peter Frampton!

  1. Ahhh.. The Talk Box. I made one out of a coffee can, small speaker, some hose, and used it on my song, “Angel of the Highway”. The only “Commercial” song i ever wrote. 8-?

    Peter Frampton inspired a lot of guitat players.
    Happy B-Day, dude!


  2. Would you believe this is one performer I never saw live? Had the albums, played ’em all the time, but never saw him. Hope he had a happy birthday! May the light from the candles on his birthday cake “show him the way, every day…”


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