Happy Birthday, Nick Rhodes!


Nick Rhodes (Born Nicholas James Bates), keyboard player for Duran Duran, was born on  this day, June 8th in 1962! I confess that I had posters of Nick’s gorgeous face on my bedroom wall way into my college years. One of the biggest thrills of my career so far was the really fun interview I did with Nick way back in 2000, which you can read at This Link.

14 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, Nick Rhodes!”

  1. I love Nick, too!!! His sense of humor is legendary!! I think he gets better with age, so HAPPY BIRTHDAY NICK! I LOVE YOU!

  2. Happy 47th Birthday Nicky!!! I hope all of us have many, many, more years of DURAN!! I have been listening to DURAN since I was 11, I’m now 37. Anyway they help me get through a lot of not-so-pleasant things in my life. I thank Nick and all the other great looking guys in the band! Thank you again! Lisa

  3. Happy belated, belated birthday to Nick Rhodes. However, John Taylor is the one with the gorgeous face, not Nick.

    1. Oh, please! John Taylor is so overrated it’s criminal! He has so many toxic drugs in him from years of substance abuse that he looks like a stoned scarecrow! At least Nick Rhodes never did that stuff, which is why he is aging gracefully and angelically!

  4. John Taylor OVERRATED?!? NO WAY!! John Taylor is GORGEOUS!! Far more gorgeous than Nick Rhodes! And Nick AGING GRACEFULLY?!? YUCK! He looks like a crusty old man with all these younger women hanging off him! At least John’s been married to the same woman for several years now! And he may have DONE drugs in the past, but that’s all over now! He is clean and sober and even got honored for speaking out about his drug battles! So, John Taylor is soooooo NOT overrated! He is simply the loveliest man on earth!

  5. I too think John is overrated. GROSSLY overrated. I like Nick, but Roger is the one who is aging the best in Duran Duran. He is in his 50’s and still boyishly cute. Actually, he is GORGEOUS!!! I saw a photo of him without his shirt on and….*faint*!! Plus, unlike John, Roger is shy and doesn’t think too much of himself.

  6. John OVERRATED??!! I think NOT!! He and Simon are the HOTTEST guys in Duran Duran, PERIOD!!

  7. Nick Rhodes is okay, but don’t forget, Simon LeBon and John Taylor are the reigning sex symbols of Duran Duran. Nick is far too girly and short to be a sex symbol. Sorry.

  8. Nick is indeed brilliant as a musician, but all in all John and Simon are the best members of DD.

  9. I used to adore Nick when I was a kid in the ’80s for the longest time. But he is quickly on my shit list after I met him recently. I met him after a band interview a few years back and he was very nasty and short with me. I gave him a CD to sign and he just grabbed it from me, signed it, and then just rudely gave it back to me. So, I then asked him for a hug and he just said “sod off” and left me standing there in near tears. However, I did manage to meet John shortly after and unlike Nick, he was very nice and friendly and a true gentleman. And yes, very VERY handsome in person. (BTW, Nick isn’t really much to look at in person. Very tiny and a tad on the chunky side) I then shyly asked him for a hug and he gave me one. So, after meeting John, I can certainly see what all the fuss is about. Nick WHO???

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