Recommended NetFlick of the Week: Flashbacks of a Fool

A few months back, I watched the above scene (known as “the Roxy Music scene”) from the totally obscure Daniel Craig film, Flashbacks of a Fool, at my friend Randy’s house, and it made my head explode. I finally got Flashbacks of a Fool in the Netflix and watched it last night. Man, what a cool movie! While the scene above is my favorite part of the film – because, you know, I was that girl – it really is a movie that is just so full of surprises that I ended up enjoying it very much. Plus Daniel Craig gets naked a bunch of times. So do yourself a favor if you do decide to add it to your queue: DO NOT under any circumstances watch the theatrical trailer that’s included on the DVD as part of the “Extras,” because I swear to god it gives away every single surprise and plot twist. And I hate it when they do that.

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