Bacon Thing Of The Day: Bacon Halloween Costumes!

Bacon Costume
Halloween Costume of The Year!

OK, I know that Halloween happened over a week ago, and I was a big loser this year because not only did I not dress up but, in fact, I did not even leave my house. I mean, it was raining out, for chrissakes! But Lisa over at Skulls & Bacon has just put up a cool post full of pictures of people all decked out and feeling festive in their Bacon Halloween Costumes. And that makes me feel almost like I was there, wherever these people were. Thanks, Lisa!

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  1. The only difficulty I find with fanciful Halloween costumes is that some can be so overpriced. I find it more beneficial to go to a cheap cloth store and fabricate my own costume. Creating your costume yourself makes it much more genuine.

  2. I could serve up a cold plate of revenge with these by dressing up all the little brats at the synagogue Hebrew school. Take that, rich snobby parents.

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