Classic Eighties Single of The Day: The Smiths’ “What Difference Does It Make?”

But I’m Still Fond of You, Whoa Oh…

On This Date in 1984: The Smiths released their fourth single, “What Difference Does It Make?” with a B-side of “Back To The Old House.” This song was my first introduction to The Smiths, a band that immediately became my over-the-top favorite band at the time. I was lucky to see The Smiths in concert probably three times (memory a bit fuzzy) and I still try to see Morrissey perform whenever he passes through NYC with his band. The Smiths’ music will always be very heartfelt to me. A bit of trivia about the photo sleeve (above) for this single: the original featured a still of actor Terence Stamp from the film The Collector. Later, when The Smiths were forced to change the photo due to a permission issue, they recreated the shot with Morrissey standing in for Stamp. In the recreation, Morrissey is holding a glass of milk, as opposed to a chloroform pad that Stamp holds in the original. Eventually, Terence Stamp allowed the photo of him to be used. The covers featuring Morrissey are now a very rare collectors item!

So, What Difference Does It Make?

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